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5:40 Former Mayor John Street may be contemplating a campaign to take on Michael Nutter.

john street1 Stigall Show Log 5.19.11

6:25 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper/mistress had an obsession with his wife, Maria Shriver.

arnold schwarzenegger1 Stigall Show Log 5.19.11

6:40 An ice cream truck driver was arrested for drunk driving and police found frozen urine and other unsanitary conditions inside the truck.

6:53 Carl Lewis has decided against conducting any interviews for the immediate future.

7:10 Chris talks to Rita Cosby about her book, Quiet Hero, now out in paperback.

rita cosby Stigall Show Log 5.19.11

7:26 Newt is trying to save his Presidential Campaign after a rough week.

7:45 Chris talks to Adam Tragone, editor of Human Events, about his profile on Governor Tom Corbett. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

8:10 John Stossel tries to debunk the documentary Gas Land.

8:11 Chris talks to NJ State Senator Dawn Addiego about the campaign of Carl Lewis.

8:40 Chris discusses with Political Strategist Larry Ceisler how the primary results will impact the November Mayoral Election and whether John Street will jump into the race as an indepedent.

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