Philadelphia Nuns Tell McDonald’s To Lighten Up On Kids

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia-based order of Catholic nuns is ready to ask the McDonald’s fast food chain to do a better job battling childhood obesity.

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia owns some McDonald’s stock, and will make a proposal at Thursday’s shareholder’s meeting.  Tom McCaney, the order’s associate director of corporate and social responsibility, says McDonald’s has been making nutritious changes — but maybe not pushing them.

“A recent study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found that 93 percent of the time that they ordered Happy meals, french fries were included without asking the customers if they’d like the healthier alternatives like Apple Dippers,” says McCaney.

He says the order is not against Happy Meals, but is suspicious that the toys they contain are used to market unhealthy food to kids.  McCaney says the order has decided to target McDonald’s as the industry leader.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Kathleen Burke says:

    Seriously, all this “priests molest kids” stuff is getting old. Check your facts; priests have the lowest rate of “child” molestation among clergy/teachers/the general population. We get it, you hate Catholics.

    1. Fred Durst says:

      You sound just like a liberal with that attitude of “you’ve pointed out something wrong with me that I refuse to acknowledge so therefore I’ll just call you a hater” nonsense. Most people aren’t buying it anymore. The chold molestation EPIDEMIC (more and more cover-ups are being exposed every day-and very often it goes high up) is the least of issues with the Catholic Church. Many of it’s teachings are unbiblical-things added to or taken away from the Bible. Do you follow the word of God or some man on earth who want’s to be called father? or Pope? They are all MEN-not a SINGLE thing special about them! (God said clearly no man is to be called Father either btw)

  2. state engineer says:

    tell the nun to go back and play with the kids….

  3. Stop Obama says:

    If I was McDonalds I’d say “Tell you what-if the “Nuns” denounce all the false, UNBIBLICAL, added-to or taken-away-from the Bible teachings of the Catholic Church, (not to mention the decades of non-stop molestation-maybe if you followed the Bible and allowed your priests to get married?) then maybe we’ll give some thought to DOING THE CHILDREN’S PARENTS’ JOBS.


    1. Stop Obama says:

      AND YES, stick to teaching the word of GOD and JESUS CHRIST our Lord and savior-the ONLY way into heaven John 14:6

  4. nopcspokenhere says:

    Hey how about teaching the faith, prayers, the importance of the Eucharist, the Rosary?????

  5. sheriff says:

    Will, Right on, Those nuns give their lives & I have been to several funerals @ St.Joe’s Villa & they all live very frugal. People complaining should try it sometime & shut their pir hols. I learned to read, write & count because of the Nuns.

  6. grumpy says:

    If the Nuns are so concerned for the children then I would suggest protecting them from the molesters in the priesthood!

  7. Joseph Harrington says:

    Woud’nt It be nice to see McDonalds sell Food like those “miracle noodles” that will not fatten You at all? I would Love to see them offer Raw Food and juices!

  8. bottomline says:

    Another attack on freedom of choice. Go after the parents, educate the children. This business of passing the buck doesn’t work with the man upstairs either.

  9. Zzbar says:

    No priest work at McDonalds. The Nuns should policing (you know what I mean) the priests.

  10. Tom says:

    It wouldnt be because they sit in front of a computer and stuff their face would it???.I rarely see kids out side plying as we used to when we were young.

  11. Harriett says:

    How about the parents do a better job at battling childhood obesity.

  12. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    First off, “stock’? What happend to that poverty vow? Secondly,I think they need to worry more about happens to kids in their own schools instead of fast foods.

    1. Karen says:


    2. Will says:

      The stock is to keep their order afloat. Someone has to pay for their medical bills, convent upkeep, etc. If you think that the earnings pay for a lap of luxury then you haven’t visited an order of St. Joe’s nuns in a long, long time.

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