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Delaware River Bridge Tolls Increase July 1st

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Five bridges across the Delaware River will be increasing tolls on July 1st.

The toll jumps from $4 to $5 to use the Walt Whitman, Ben Franklin, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross Bridges.

Those increases were approved a while ago. On Tuesday, the Delaware River and Bay Authority voted to hike the toll on the Delaware Memorial Bridge from $3 to $4 bucks for passenger cars.

“The new toll rate schedule is expected to generate about $22 million in additional revenue and that will be used to fund the agency’s capital improvement program over the next couple years,” DRPA spokesman Jim Salmon said.

A spokesman for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls the need for the increase “inescapable,” but says they succeeded in holding down the hike in discounted tolls for commuters and frequent travelers.

David Madden, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. SD says:

    Does anyone know what the article means by “they succeeded in holding down the hike in discounted tolls for commuters and frequent travelers.” Last time I checked, I don’t receive any discount and I’m a frequent traveler who goes to work in the city everyday. We don’t even get the discount from using EZ Pass anymore…what are they talking about?

  2. CC says:

    i have had it…reading this makes me sick because it wasn’t that long ago that i read the DRPA employees and their families don’t have to pay tolls, and how long ago was it that the DRPA defended their actions to get into the realestate business and spend (excess funds) on bldg projects for entertainment.

    WHERE ARE THE AUDITORS? we need a full accounting of where the money is going. There is no need to raise taxes or tolls. just stop the fraud waste and abuse and hold those in charge of running the agencies accountable for mishandling of our tax dollars and toll money. mark this down …in 3 years they will be raising it again unless we start making some noise about it and ask for accountability.

  3. robbob says:

    Look into what the DRPA has purchased over the years…millions of dollars of real estate! The corruption goes deep and continues to pluck every nickel they can out of the working class people.

  4. anonny says:

    Try going over the bridge from or to NY and see what the toll is. $5 here is a bargain.

    1. Karen says:

      Have you seen the bridges, they are not worth $4!

  5. grumpy says:

    And the “hits” keep coming on the backs of the middle class!
    Higher bridge tolls,higher property taxes, higher fuel prices, etc, etc, but God forbid that the super rich lose their generous tax breaks!

  6. blackguy says:

    You people voted for the NO-TAX GOP and look how they still get your money for their rich friends. Not for the citzens.

    1. I h8 politicians says:

      Marylanders voted for democrats and got tolls that will be increasing to $8. You’re still better off.

  7. Ano Nymous says:

    Has Governor Christie looked at the Delaware River Bay Authority budget to see how much of an increase in salary cost there was? Why not cut back on salaries, benefits, and then see what the toll needs to be. Why should tolls be increased on workers who are barely able to afford to drive to work everyday when the pain could be better placed on the public sector where they have been scamming money undeservedly for years?

  8. trueism says:

    Another perfect example of giving absolute power to regulate the costs of permitting the public to use bridges (our taxes already paid for), to a politically appointed commission.. Greed and Corruption being a common ground for both the Democrats and Republicans.. Their hands drip now with the “Change” they’ve been looking for.

  9. Hugh Jassol says:

    The DRPA is a model of inefficiency, greed and corruption. How is that 150 million dollar soccer stadium in Chester working out?

    1. jj says:

      Come on Hugh, these things take time….corruption, greed, half empty 150 million dollar soccer stadiums. The revitalization is coming, and so is the new construction these deals make for the politicians houses on the beach.

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