Police: Pennsylvania Students Put Needles In Cupcakes

FRANKLIN, Pa. (AP) — Two Pennsylvania middle school students are facing assault charges after police say they put pins or needles into cupcakes about to be eaten by their classmates.

State police say the two students at Franklin Middle School in Venango County also spit on the cupcakes that had been prepared by other students earlier this month. No injuries were reported.

The names of the charged students were not released.

Franklin Middle School is in Sandycreek Township, about 70 miles north of Pittsburgh.

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One Comment

  1. James says:

    Hey Common Now, these kids are from Hicksville Pa. You know, you have Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Everything in between is literally Alabama. Without a doubt. Get em’ back in the 10X40 in the coal region they came from. LOL

  2. Tiredofitall .... says:

    LMAO @ Char T: “@ Caterpillllarr ~ I STRONGLY suggest that you find new friends!!!
    May 16, 2011 at 4:56pm.” I totally agree with you though. With ‘friends’ like those …. LMAO

  3. Char T says:

    SERIOUSLY??? What the Hell is wrong with people! This is NOT teenagers playing a prank! This was though out and done with intentions to harm! Sickening!!!! I hope the make an example out of them!

  4. state engineer says:

    just hold on everybody…because everybody spit on the cupcake and they use the pin to hold the paper on,,,people are so dum today…

    1. Tiredofitall .... says:

      The article says that the ‘two’ students who put the pins and needles in the cupcakes spit on them, NOT THE WHOLE CLASS, YA DUMMY!!!!

  5. Tiredofitall .... says:

    If they like to do stuff like that, why not ship them off to a war zone, have them work in food prep, and kill the enemy THAT way too? Hey, it’s just an idea. On a more serious note: These students should not be let off lightly with this. There should be some kind of punishment for this. And all of the students who ate the cupcakes should also be tested for HIV, Hep., and other diseases because they spit on the cupcakes as well.

    1. Char T says:

      @ Caterpillllarr ~ I STRONGLY suggest that you find new friends!!!

  6. Mumford says:

    Ship the culprits to New Jersey as a deterrent to others.

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