Souderton Mayor Says Police Acted Correctly In Previous Skyler Incident

SOUDERTON, Pa. (CBS) – The mayor of Souderton (Montgomery County) is defending his police department’s response to an encounter that occurred last month between Skyler Kauffman and the neighbor who is now charged with raping and killing the nine-year-old girl earlier this week (see related story).

reynolds john souderton mayor Souderton Mayor Says Police Acted Correctly In Previous Skyler Incident

(Souderton mayor John Reynolds. File photo provided)

Mayor John Reynolds (right) says he’s heard from a number of people in the community over the last several days — many of them concerned, some of them afraid, and lots expressing support for the quick action by the police department to arrest alleged killer James Troutman.

But he says he’s aware the department is taking some heat for the way it handled last month’s incident (see related story) and says he’s standing behind them.

“Regarding the earlier incident with the police department’s interaction with Mr. Troutman,” Mayor Reynolds told KYW Newsradio, “I’m very confident that the police department did everything in the correct fashion and by the book.”

Reynolds hopes the tragedy in some way brings the Souderton community closer together.

Funeral services for Skyler Kauffman will be held Monday morning.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060

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    My heart goes out to Sylers family but I do wonder why she was permitted to go outside to play without being watched over by an adult. Knowing that a potential pedophilic predator is living next door, that should never have been the case. I know you cannot watch children 24/7 but rest assured if she were my child I would have been outside sitting on a step or sitting in a chair. This animal would not have been given the opportunity to take and murder my child People must understand that todays world is a dangerous world, especially for the young, and it is up to us as their guardians, to teach them the dangers that exist. We do not want to make them paranoid but they must be made to understand what it means to be careful.My daughter bought a DVD for my grandchildren that explained the “Do Knows”, the “Sort of Knows”, and the “Don’t Knows” and how they should respond to same. A DVD worth buying and watching with the young children in any family. Perhaps the police should have looked closer at James Troutman but obviously his pornographic photos reportedly hanging in his bathroom were not those of juveniles being abused and they felt a warning was justified. His fiancee should also be ashamed of herself for not seeking help when she heard Skyler screaming out, regardless of where she believed the screams were coming from. A scream of despair from a child or anyone should never be disregarded. Shame on her for her weakness and apathy is such a situation. As for James Troutman, I sincerely hope he ends up in general population and he and BUBBA end up a couple.

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