Bucks County Sex For Tattoo Suspect Facing 195 New Criminal Charges

BRISTOL TWP., Pa. (CBS)  Friday morning wasn’t the first time Walter Meyerle left the Bucks County Courthouse, but this time, the list of charges is growing.

Meyerle now faces charges of sexually assaulting 14 under-age victims, both boys and girls. Police say the victims include four children under the age of 10 and two preschoolers. Police are also investigating Meyerle in the case of two adult victims. Authorities say the sexual abuse stretches back a decade.

The grandmother of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually abused by Meyerle spoke out after learning the suspect in the case is facing 195 new charges.

Last March, Walter Meyerle was arrested by Bristol Township Police and charged with a range of sexual charges involving Francine Sweeney’s teenage granddaughter. The accused is a tattoo artist, who according to allegations, gave the 14-year-old a tattoo in exchange for sexual favors performed on him.

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Sweeney had one message for Meyerle, “Rot in hell.”

The Bucks County District Attorney says the case involving Sweeney’s granddaughter prompted other alleged victims to come forward.

“I’m sick to my stomach that it’s that many that he actually did it to,” said Sweeney. “It’s very upsetting. I didn’t expect this from him. He’s been friends with my daughter for a long time.”

Meyerle was charged Friday with up to 195 new counts of various sexual offenses. He didn’t say a word in his own defense as he left court, but Meyerle exploded at a cameraman he bumped into.

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Reported by Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Strong Island says:

    And the truth comes out! Just like he said back in March when he was arrested…”we’ll see who is gulity” and “there is nothing to back it up”. I am sad to say i knew this conartist and nothing and I mean nothing good came from this idiot! To say he is a compulsive liar is an understatement! To think he himself has children makes me sick to my stomach! I really feel bad for the children he has hurt over the years and hope the very best for them. I commend the Bristol Township Police Department and District Attorney for getting this peace of garbage off the streets. I hope they treat him in prison like he treated these innocent children! He will get what is coming to him and this time there he cant cover it with lies or scare the life out of a little child! Coward!!!!!!

  2. Zzbar says:

    The two adults are something else. But the underage victims??? Where were the parents, and what kind of “watch over your children” did the parents have. The parents should be held accountable as well as this low-life.

  3. sheriff says:

    Where is the accountability for the 14yr old going on 30?

    1. DUH says:

      Hey, wake up Grandpa…SHE IS 14…………..DUHHHHHHHH

  4. Neighbor says:

    P.S. And IF it is true that the wife DID know, then she needs to go to jail!

  5. Neighbor says:

    He deserves the death penalty is right! He doesn’t deserve to be on this planet lor be taken care of by our taxpayer money. Or let the inmates at him, they don’t like child molesters! And to think he was my neighbor disgusts me!!

  6. Benjamin Coleman says:

    If this person does not get the death penalty i will be severly disappointed in our judicial system. Prosecutors vow to never let him see the light of day which is a great idea but spending the rest of his life in prison?!! Come on people get some balls and give these type of people the death penalty he abused small children. If somebody done these things to my kid i wouldnt rest until i seen him in casket.

  7. M. Anthony Scott says:

    I pray that God will change his heart and that he can be a blessing in prison where he will spend the rest of his life. Parents, watch your children and don’t allow them to freely go wherever they want to. Your kids will hate you now, but appreciate you in the long run.

    1. Louisville Slugger says:

      Hey Anthony, I pray that he gets his head busted with a baseball bat….different views / values……..

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