5:41 President Obama chided immigration opponents at a speech in El Paso.

obama immigration Stigall Show Log 5.11.11

5:44 Pat Toomey proposed his own budget in the Senate yesterday.

5:49 Toomey’s budget plan would outspend Democrats on Medicare.

6:11 Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to start cutting trillions instead of billions.

6:18 A mountain lion was shot and killed before President Obama’s speech in El Paso.

6:55 Ray Armstrong, accused of murdering his friend, is trying to use the Gay Panic Defense.

7:10 Chris talks to Senator Pat Toomey about his budget proposal in the Senate.

pat toomey1 Stigall Show Log 5.11.11

7:42 Chris breaks down last night’s Phillies loss in Florida with radio Play-By-Play Announcer Scott Franzke.

8:12 Chris gets more details on the abduction and murder of nine-year-old Skylar Kauffman with CBS 3’s Dray Clark in Souderton.

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