New Jersey Governor Christie Likes Being Asked To Run For President

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he never tires of being asked to run for president, but insists he’s still not doing it.

“How self-important would one have to be to become tired and annoyed by having people ask you to run for president?” Christie said Monday morning during an interview on Talk Radio 1210, WPHT.

“I’m a kid from Jersey who has people asking him to run for president. I’m thrilled by it,” he said. “I just don’t want to do it.”

That hasn’t stopped the Christie, who only took office in January 2010, from playing a kingmaker role in the race to the White House and having the top-tier GOP contenders over for dinner at the governor’s mansion in Princeton, including Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty.

Jon Huntsman Jr., the former US ambassador to China and former Utah governor, is scheduled to stop by in the next week, Christie said, adding that he had only met Huntsman once at a White House dinner.

“If I decide to support a candidate for president, I want to make sure I really get to know that person,” Christie said.

And although he swears up and down the Turnpike that he’s not running, his comments increasingly sound more tuned for a national audience.

“I’m going to continue to play a role as a leader in our party, I think appropriately so, and I think it’s good for New Jersey,” Christie explained. “Clearly that’s my goal, to make sure we have a change in 2012.”

When asked whether gubernatorial experience was important for a presidential contender, Christie said he thought it was important to have that kind of combined executive and governmental experience, then took a dig at President Obama, who served one term in the Senate, for lacking it: “I think it’s taken him a while to really get the idea how you execute that type of authority.”

Without naming Donald Trump, Christie also said it would be difficult for someone who had no political experience to run because “you are foreign to that world.”

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One Comment

  1. Bob Phillips says:

    This country has fortunately had the right man take the reins of Government when he was needed. I believe hat the Good Lord is tapping you on the shoulder now to let you know that it is your turn. PLEASE run, you will put Obama in the dirt but more importantly you will straighten out the country, and incidentally NJ at the same time.

  2. Jim says:


    As Bill Cosby would say “Hey, Hey, Hey”

    I second that. It was a Fat Albert quote though.

    This is sad, we can’t even discuss politics today without being insulting.

    I can understand govt can be quite inefficient, wasteful, etc. But why do republicans act like govt trying to provide access to healthcare for all is such a crime? Makes no sense. Why should senior citizens have to decide between food and medicine, why should a serious illness financially wipe out a family with middle class income? It was quite interesting watching old people a couple years ago screaming in public for Obama & the govt to get their hands out of their healthcare, but they’re all on medicare. Talk about idiocy. This is America, and yes it is a wealthy country. People should not want for basic needs. Look for waste and fat, cut and apply where its better needed. The oil companies are not in a new industry with huge research costs and no profits in sight for years. They make billions. So why are they getting subsidies?

    To all the republicans that like to call everything welfare and rail against welfare, how many of you have or will be shifting, juggling and hiding your assets so that can go into a nursing home and not have to pay for it yourself? Lets say 75k per year, times however many repubs are in that boat and, well you see how you all are raping the system? Have no problem having the govt foot the bill there, even though you can take on some of the burden yourself.

  3. Dwayne says:

    Congress voted down Obamacare for themselves, but they want the American people to accept it. However, the libs would rather spend their time making jokes about Christie’s looks.

  4. Lamar says:

    To sheriff – absolutely incorrect! FYI If someone else has to pay for it or provide it for you it is not a right. Recent article on England’s socialized medicine “A recent study by David Green and Laura Casper – “Delay, Denial and Dilution” – concludes that the NHS health care services are just about the worst in the developed world.”

  5. sheriff says:

    The nation can’t afford Christie’s food bill, that would require a special congress session budget meeting. Too many cheesesteaks.

  6. Marie says:

    I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for Christie. He is what our country needs. A man of conviction, and someone who could blow Obama away.

  7. Ron says:

    Libs – you are free to move to Mass. if you don’t think your taxes are high enough in NJ.

    1. grumpy says:

      Ron, at least they have affordable health care there! Good place to move to…thanks!

      1. George says:

        When going to the Dr. becomes like going to the DMV maybe you’ll change your mind. It sounds like you just want to be taken care of.

      2. Rick Moore says:

        Ask the canadiens or the british what they think of public health care. You have to wait months to see a doctor and surgeries are abcked up even longer. You should educate yourself before spouting off your incorrectly pre-conceived notions.

  8. Jack says:

    Yeah, you’re right, big gov’t tax and spend, anti-business liberal policies work great. Look at the 2012 electoral map lib states lost votes, conservative states gained – coincidence? I think not. The class warfare “soak the rich” that you buy into doesn’t work – Do your research – in the end it does great harm to the middle class!

    1. grumpy says:

      2012 isn’t here yet Jack?…. Haven’t you noticed the dramatic drop in the poll numbers that all of these right wing 2010 winners are seeing. ha ha ha
      The BUSHWACKER policies have all but killed the middle class. Where were you people when the bottom was falling out from 2000-2008???????????????

      1. Todd says:

        Yeah, because socialist/communist/ big gov’t nations have worked so well.

    2. sheriff says:

      Jack, What middle class?…..It is a basic human right for all citizens to have health care & not a privilege. We should be making our health care decisions with our doctors & not the HMO’s or the Insurance companies. Medicare for all.

  9. grumpy says:

    Good , bring him on! Now the Democrats don’t have to spend any money on the 2012 election. Obama wins by default! Thank you Republturds!

  10. Moewolf says:

    Yup, let’s have no government. It’s all so inefficient. Unless YOUR home is flooded or a tornado tears up YOUR schools. If there was no government who would this sloth pay to feed his family? I’m not a lib, I just hate frustrated fatboys and nerds who suddenly can make tough decisions for others but have no personal restraint.

  11. The Bearo says:

    Libs are funny…catch phrases and personal attacks. That’s all you’ve got. Joe couldn’t be more spot on speaking about the mess decasdes of one-party state politics has left. All you’d have to do is look out the window in the cesspool known as Philadelphia for an example. Government does NOTHING efficiently, unions have already brought down 2 of the 3 largest car manufacturers in the country, and the teachers unions continue to grow while our students continue to do more and more poorly…why would we keep on the same path?

  12. Joe says:

    Christie would make a great President. The haters will never realize what a tough job he has in trying to fix the insurmountable mess that liberal politicians of a one party state left over the last few decades.

  13. Moewolf says:

    This fatboy is having big fun living the life he’s wanted since jr. high..Such a tough guy literally squashing unions and poor people. He’s showing folks how things should be done. This fool actually looks for conflicts @ town halls. The local constituents are at a disadvantage with Christie wallows in his national attention.

  14. Tom says:

    As Bill Cosby would say “Hey, Hey, Hey”

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