College Student Killed During Attempted Robbery Near Temple University

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —— Philadelphia and Temple University police are searching for a man who shot and killed a college student Monday evening.

According to sources, the victim, a 23-year-old Penn State Abington graduate student, was on the 2200 block of North Camac Street when he was approached by a man who attempted to steal his motorcycle.

The victim was identified by friends as Mohan Varghese.

Police say Varghese was visiting his girlfriend, a Temple student, at her off-campus residence when he was shot in the face and chest. He was rushed to Temple University Hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 5:45 p.m.

Valerie Levesque reports…

Mohan’s girlfriend told Eyewitness News that his car had been stolen in the neighborhood previously and he was trying to be protective of his new motorcycle.

Police are looking for a bald black male, believed to be about 5 foot 8 inches tall, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and is said to have fled eastbound on Susquehanna Avenue from Camac Street.

Anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Philadelphia Police Department by calling 9-1-1.

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One Comment

  1. SWPhillyGUY says:

    Until people stop making gun rights a political debate, and put all human aspects to it, nothing will change. There are WAY too many guns on the streets in urban america. Maybe this isn’t an issue in the Poconos, or Lancaster, but this is an issue in urban america, which no one seems to care about unless all of a sudden it’s their loved one affected by it in a tragic way.

    No one deserves to have this happen to them. Especially someone of Mr. Varghese’s character that made an effort and personal sacrifice to further himself in academia, and use that knowledge to change people in urban society for the better, like the one who murdered him.

    Sadly enough, as an African American myself, I can tell you that you will hardly ever get the AA community to help out the FOP, unless it’s one of their own family member. I think it’s deplorable behaviour, truthfully speaking. A motorcycle is not worth a person’s life. If you wanted a motorcycle that bad, go out and earn one with your own money like normal people.

    Please catch this person(animal), and throw away the key in general population.

    1. Me says:

      I’m not a fan of guns, particulary handguns, but just think, what if this person had exercized their right to bear arms, and was actually able to defend themselves?

      The right to bear arms has been slowly been whittled down to the right to bear arms on the way home from the gun store and on the way from your home to the gun range. Any other time you need concealed carry. Do you think the perp had a concealed carry permit?

      The real problem here is that people have been conditioned to accept that on the basis of “do I really want to carry a gun anyway”. They’ve also been conditioned to think that anyone who celebrates freedom is … well you know the stereotypes. Instead of accepting things that don’t really concern them, people should be rejecting things on the basis of whether someone else should have any concern as to wht they do.

      Obviously gun control laws don’t work. Period. The police can’t be everywhere and defend every person 24 hrs a day, therefore I see no reasonable argument whatsoever as to why innocent people should be told how they can/can’t defend themselves or their property.

  2. Rip Mohan says:

    This senseless violence in the community needs to end. My condolences to his family..

  3. Justice for Mohan says:

    I never knew him, but I honestly wish I was able to meet him by all the good things I’ve read about him. He sounds like such an amazing, talented, special young man who was planning on making a change in this world…another article said he was planning on becoming a psychologist to help troubled youth.
    We need to catch this killer….send him to where he belongs. He doesn’t deserve to be free after doing this to such an amazing man. Whoever has information about the murderer, please, please help this family try and find whatever closure possible with losing such an important person in their family.
    I am truly sorry to the Varghese family, friends of Mohan, the girlfriend of Mohan, and all who were affected by this…sorry that someone thought they can take Mohan away from you all, and think it’s okay.
    I will continue to pray for his loved ones, and for justice to be brough to the coward who killed him.

    1. RIP Mohan says:

      I agree w/ you.
      Mohan didn’t deserve this, just like the person who killed him doesn’t deserve to not be punished for what he did.
      To be killed over a motorcycle..a materialistic thing is ridiculous.
      Please find this killer.

  4. aj says:

    why isnt the community turning him in??

  5. Raju says:

    Catch the cruel person , may be drug addicts , and not allow free movement in the great nation

  6. His Girlfriend says:

    Mohan worked hard for his bike and was very proud of it. He did not do this because he didn’t want to look like a fool especially because of me. He did it because he felt this was right for him. Please do not think this.

  7. jfskl says:

    people like this are the best support for the death penalty. This animal should be put to death in the most inhumane way. Eye for an eye may make the world blind, but at least it will be a blind world minus the useless noncontributory thugs.

  8. alayna...... says:

    R.I.P big cuz i love ya <3

  9. Diana says:

    i knew this guy who was killed. he used to work with my teacher. we need to catch that criminal because he killed someone special. R.I.P

  10. Sam, King OF Prussia, PA says:

    This is such a shameful tragic incident that has occurred in our city of Philadelphia (aka city of brotherly love?). Seriously, a life over a bike? I really hope this killer faces life-in-person without parole and disintegrate in there (preferably at Guantanamo Bay).

    To my opinion, North and West side of Philly is the crime capitol of this city/state. Temple University (north) needs to beef up their security patrols/ systems beyond the campus territories like UPENN (west) has done and continues attempting to do better. What the heck do they do with the freaking extra donated funds and with the increase of tuition fees annually? If the campus or it’s surrounding is not safe then no point of running a education system since no kids/parents will be willing to be associated or part of such a community where safety isn’t valued, they might as well make it an online schooling. Get rid of all the low lives in the area, cut down the welfare program and jack up the property taxes.

  11. S. Bryan says:

    This is a shame. Speaking from an institution of higher education, I know that campus police do a lot to secure the safety of its campuses. However, just like any other law enforcement agency, can not be everywhere at everytime. I feel horrible that this has happened and hope they do find the person responsible quickly. To shoot someone over a motorcycle? An object? This is more than a schhol public safety issue, out youth of today have somehow lost the treasure of human life. They don’t care about theirs and especially about anyone else’s. Many of them actully expect to be killed by a certain age. Until we change THAT culture, these things will continue to happen on any inner city campus.

    1. Murphy says:

      They need to place cameras on every inch of public property, that includes the streets. If may not prevent the shooting but it will help the police catch the criminal. That and we need to stop being such wimps about the death penalty.

  12. Joe Black says:

    Please catch this low life criminal ASAP,before he kills someone else.
    The thug who did this should rot in jail.

  13. D.... says:

    Muggings and Roberies happen on Temples campus and Off Campus all the time… As an alumn and someone who knew this victim Temple should beef up security on and off campus. For the protection of its students and family and friends who visit them, its really ridiculous and this is not the only time this has happened. There are so many unreported event littery one street over and Temple would never put on its records because of political reasons… Use some tuition money on cameras!!! there should be an officer at all corners but u see none or there SLEEPING!

  14. Ian Day says:

    The government needs to place cameras on every public inch of the city.

  15. Martin Sunny says:

    This is a horrible sad story…I didn’t know 23 year old Mo Varughese like so many of my friends but as a fellow Malayalee I’m sure our paths crossed at some point and from what I heard, you seem like a great person. I hope justice will be served in the near future and they find the animals who did this. But till then my prayers and condolences go out to the family & friends, who you will forever live through. RIP young brother…

    Staten Island

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