PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Did you have lots of little violets in your lawn this year? They’re my mom’s favorite flowers and I love them too, but lots of people like to call them ‘weeds’.

It turns out our native violets are wonderful things to have in your yard – they’re just the spot some beautiful butterflies need to nurture their babies. If you’d rather not have violets in the middle of your lawn, you can always dig out those patches and replant the violets in your garden beds or borders.

But why not just relax and learn to like those lovely violets – pick a posy, plop them in a vase and enjoy them – along with the delightful fritillary butterflies that’ll flitter about in your yard to lay their babies among the heart-shaped leaves.

Learn more about how violets become a nursery for baby butterflies at

Just think, instead of spending money buying plants to bring butterflies to your yard, you can take the lazy way out and enjoy loads of butterflies by simply letting your violets be!

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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