Union Says Sunoco Wants To Close Local Refineries, Laying Off Thousands

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Union workers gathered outside Sunoco’s annual shareholders’ meeting this morning in center city Philadelphia to voice fears that the company may close its two area refineries.

United Steelworkers Union “Sun Council” president Jerry Dugan (above) stood outside the Sunoco shareholders’ meeting at the Moore College of Art to tell reporters that the way he reads the shareholder’s report, Sunoco CEO Lynn Elsenhans seems to want to sell or close the Philadelphia and Marcus Hook refineries — a move that would put 1,600 employees out of work.

“She just wants to be a marketer, meaning selling gas in the gas stations,” says Dugan.  “She has no interest whatsoever to produce gasoline in our petrochemical refineries.”

Sunoco spokesman Tom Golembeski said Sunoco’s goal is to be the premium provider of transportation fuels, and the company wants its refineries to be competitive.  He wouldn’t comment on what he called “marketplace rumors” about any plans to close or sell refineries.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Big Don says:

    those people put there lives on the line everyday. big business is trying to get rid of the middle class. pensions and healthcare are being dropped. this company needs to start reinvesting and repairing of its refineries, their golden goose. this is what created the company that stands as sunoco. union or non union businesses would suffer greatly with the closing of these refineries. its not just the union workers that would suffer but the towns and cities all would feel the loss. these men and women stood proud of their company for years and are just wanting to feel safe when they go to work and this doesn’t represent greed but everyone wants to have a basic living.

    1. Paula in Philly says:

      I’m with you, Big Don…

  2. Paula in Philly says:

    Wow – Jerry Dugan is a good, decent guy. Heather, you are so off the mark. He IS part of the solution.

  3. rcgt361 says:

    Refining and Supply reported a pretax loss of $138 million.Why keep them!!!!

    1. Big Don says:

      Remember RC that they report a loss because it’s not what they wanted to make.I wish I could say I wanted to make a 100,000 and only made 50,000 and could write off that 50,000 on my taxes like they do on the tax payers backs.

  4. Heather says:

    Dugan should shut his pie hole. His sensationalized comments to the press negatlvely impact ALL of the workers AND the company. If you aren’t going to be part of of the solution, then don’t be part of the problem!

  5. grumpy says:

    Not sure how true the following is but it just looks like greed by these companies is un-American to say the least:
    Sunoco is one of the major companies that is scrambling all of their resources trying to by anything and everything that involves GAS DRILLING in PA.
    Hell it’s TAX FREE so they can make another huge windfall at the citizen’s expense!
    Wake up GOV. and send that $800,000.00 gift back to the GASSERS!

  6. Seamus Mc says:

    Hey Smash you are blind! And BTW your comments disgust me!

    If you actually new Sun’s history you would sing a different tune.

  7. michael d grosso says:

    my family has over 150yrs of service to marcus hook refinery,grandfather-49yrs,uncle30yrs,uncle31yrs,brother22yrs,myself24yrs.im talking about loyality and commitment,to one company,and this is what our ceo thinks about us,the problem is were too top heavy,theirs more bosses than hourly employees,were the ones who make the company money,not take it like management,your brother in arms,michael d grosso

    1. Kneejerk Capitalist says:

      I don’t mean to be flippant, but buy some stock and start telling *them* what to do.

      1. Gary says:

        So for a company worth about $11,000,000.000.00 ($11 Billion) how much stock would somebody need to buy in order to get her attention? I’m guessing if Mike had that kind of cash on hand he could just invite the CEO to his yacht for a weekend Greek Isle getaway to discuss his thoughts on closing down the refineries.

    2. Kneejerk Capitalist says:

      Gary, apparently, you don’t know how stock ownership works. You need only own one share in order to speak at a shareholders’ meeting. If your argument makes sense, other stockholders will vote with you.

      Additionally, if enough union members own stock in Sunoco and they vote as a block, that would certainly get management’s attention.

      But, hey, if you’d rather buy beer and pretzels than a stake in your company, you sorta get what you deserve.

  8. mitch says:

    people need to realize that producing our own refined oil in this country is a national security issue. Look at all the hot spots our military is in right now. If we import gasoline it could be used as a bargaining chip against this country, or held over our heads like a sword.

  9. Philadelphian says:

    The “no comment” speaks volumes. If the allegation was false, they wouldn’t hesitate to deny it. Their PR weasel hasn’t done them any favors.

  10. david says:

    This is typical of short term thinking & stock holder pressure to produce. Hollow out all the good jobs in America like most manufacturing has done & just ship offshore the rest & blame the unions for it all. In fact the greed at the CEO level is what is really to blame & eventually when this country becomes so dependent due to no manufacturing, we will collapse from within.

    1. Smash Crasher says:

      You sound like a Chatty Cathy doll; blame the CEOs and their greed. There’s nobody as greedy as a disgusting union Democrat.

      1. Seamus Mc says:

        Now go back and watch Fox “news” you POS

      2. Mike Grosso says:

        hey smash blo- me,this country is build with unions

      3. david says:

        Smash, Unions greedy? CEO’s make four hundred time the ratio that workers make in this country & the divide is growing even wider. Unions represent a small portion of the American work force today & if it wasn’t for them you. your father & a lot of others, union or not would not have had as good a quality of life as they enjoyed. Do some reading pal on the turn of the century in this country when all the wealth was in the hands of a few oligarchs & people like you were supporting them before unions came into power. You’re ignorant.

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