Tom Corbett, Dominic Pileggi Disagree On How To Use Budget Surplus

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – It appears Governor Tom Corbett and a top Senator of his own party are at odds over what to do with a surplus in the current fiscal year now at $500 million and counting.

In the next fiscal year, when federal stimulus funds go away, the state faces a multi-billion dollar deficit. But in the current fiscal year, revenue collections are now a half billion dollars above projections. Governor Corbett, however, says that money should be put in reserve or used to pay down debt, not simply spent.

“One of the things he’s trying to do, is to change the culture of Harrisburg,” Spokesman Kevin Harley says.

But spokesman Erik Arneson says Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader, believes at least some of that money should be used to restore major cuts the governor has proposed to balance the budget.

“I think it’s fair to say that there’s support in our caucus for a significant amount of any surplus revenue to be put to restorations.”

Arneson says, however, he expects the matter will not result in an impasse.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Rizzo Mertz says:

    Bill, you assume that any appropriations to education will not come with reform provisions for how it is to be expended. The 14 state-owned schools are a bulwark for quality higher education. I am graduating from Millersville University tomorrow morning and I think I have been armed with an education that will open numerous opportunities because the liberal arts education I received at MU has provided me with the tools to compete in a 21st Century workforce. The tuition set within the State System of Higher Education has been largely kept in line with inflation. It is an necessity that over time costs for a service will increase, the cost to provide a college education falls into that category. I implore you to refrain making gross generalizations about the state of the higher education system in PA and it would behoove you to rethink your logic that college professors are out to indoctrinate us. Sir, you possess one of the most pessimistic perspectives I have encountered. I concede the notion that perhaps there are but a very small number of faculty who take advantage of their position but again, that number is miniscule. Every single professor I have encountered is honest, hard working and fully aware of the responsibilities they have to their students and to the taxpayers. They are by no means usurping the authority of their students parents. They actually are teaching us to open up our minds and truly look at the world we live in and apply the concepts we learn in class to solving the issues that affect us all. I trust you will rethink your viewpoints from here on out.

  2. Bill S. says:

    Governor Corbett Is absolutely correct to pay the deficit down and it should be a priority however Dominic Pileggi has the same mindset the rest of the libs have spend ,spend ,spend and not worry about the deficit because the government can instate more taxes to burden those that these morons are supposed to represent. I hope “WE the People” vote these people out that like to keep the deficit uncontrolled and continue to spend to get themselves re-elected by the drones that live off of the tax payers hard earned money. Maybe Don needs to go back to what he knows how to do “Drive by Media”

    1. Betty B. says:

      Bill, How much income tax will people be paying on their minimum-wage incomes, when no one can afford to go oto college? It’s not like that money comes from the fracking gas companies! If we have extra money it should be used to restore some of what has been taken from education — without an educated popluace, we have nothing.

      1. Bill S. says:

        So your saying that we should throw more money at the failing education system? Did you know that the colleges were given tax money to keep the costs down and to the tax payers the cost continues to rise despite the tax support? The real problem here is our teachers (union) want to teach perverted social issues instead of what they were hired for like Reading,writing and arithmetic ? I believe the voucher system should be instated and this would definitely give all teachers an incentive teach what they’re supposed to teach and not usurp the parents authority.This is another incentive to weed out their own that don’t do or are qualified to do the job freeing up finances to put towards a real education. Schools for education not indoctrination or be taught entitlements! as is exactly what is being taught there.

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