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NJ Farmers Want Help Controlling ‘Destructive’ Canada Geese

SOUTHAMPTON, NJ (CBS) – South Jersey farmers are looking for a little help in controlling the Canada goose population devouring their crops.

“It’s devastating to our grain crops,” says Roger Krumpel (pictured) of Southampton, New Jersey. Canada geese who chow down on winter wheat, rye or soybeans are hitting farmers in the pocket, he says. “Some of our fields, when the Canadians or the snow geese would land, the field was completely covered.  You couldn’t even see dirt.”

Kumpel would like to see the state extend hunting season to help thin the resident goose population.  But federal conservation laws protect the migratory geese, so change is difficult.

In the meantime, Tom Beaver, a research associate with the New Jersey Farm Bureau, says chasing Canada geese drains farmers’ resources, “Some would say it’s an eleven on a scale of one to ten, and they’re out there probably several hours a day trying to manage this, depending on the time of year.”

Farmers can apply for what are called depredation permits to kill geese, but Beaver says, while farmers are willing to help, they shouldn’t be expected to single-handedly solve the problem.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. AM McElroy says:

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  2. Brandon says: they service PA, NJ, DE, MD

  3. Pitbull Foster Mommy says:

    I am with Eric on this one. We used to use The Geese Police at our office buildings and they were very effective. Twice a week they ran the dogs on our property to scare them away, eventually they moved on. Best and most humane way to handle it in my opinion.

  4. Eric says:

    I recommend using Australian Shepherds, a 45-55 lb herding dog that also chases away unwanted animals… or geese. They can be trained to chase away as opposed to killing. Golf Courses in our area use Aussies successfully to keep geese off fairways and greens.

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