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Mother Encourages Son To Fight Bully

BALTIMORE (CBS) — Shocking video of a mother in Baltimore encouraging her son to fight off bullies has been released. In the video, the mother can be seen shouting obscenities at her son in an attempt to make him mad and fight his tormentors.

Eyewitness News showed this video to several people in Center City to get their reactions.

What do you think? Leave your comments below …

Watch the video…

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  • laurie

    Why would the ‘news’ air such trash

  • joe white (no relation)

    mom was right, the boy needed to stand up to them. she might have eased up on the language but the world is tough she did right thing..

  • Larry

    This mother did the right thing and the police need to find REAL criminals to keep themselves busy. His mother says all those wussies who picked on her son are leaving him alone since he fought back, and what’s wrong with that? In grade school I was small for my age and the first thing other kids wanted to do was pick on me, usually in groups… until I promptly put a hurtin’ on each one of them. And would you believe their mothers would call my mom to complain about their poor little angels with busted up faces? Next I want to see a video of the kid’s mom beating down mothers of the bullies. She looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.

    • Char T

      I agree! I think the Mother did the right thing! She made him stand up and defend himself against the Bully haunting him every day! Her presence assured that the situation would not get out of control. Her son handled business and that bully will remember that! The launguage she used was not necessary, but she got her point across! You see the bullying tragedies on the news constantly, but only after its too late! My little cousin at the age of 13 took her own life over cowardly bullys, so sad but true! Everyonewas telling her to just try to make friends and make the best of it! I think that if she stood up to them just once, the bullying would have stopped and she would still be with us today! So, i commend this mother, POTTY MOUTH and all! XOXO

  • kathelleen

    when you had enough and NO ONE is going to help the child or family in regards to the matter, what are you left to do? If the boy gets into trouble for it, then shame on the adults that do not do a thing to the ones that provoked him to take a stand. If no one is willing to make a difference or change, then do not tell the kids that what they did, defend themselves, is wrong.
    I would like to see the ones that taunt the kids to serve a service to community time instead of being suspended. cause that is what they want. and make the parents of those kids serve time also. So that they are aware of what is actually going on.

  • mamma italiana


  • dale

    I agree eith the mother but not her laugage, If any one should be arrested it should be the bullies, ever notice they come in packs not one on one, they are cowards

    • kathelleen

      thumbs up.

      the kids defended himself. nothing wrong with that.

  • Stevo

    I am very heartened by the number of people who support the mother’s actions. It is a hard thing for a parent to do but it’s a hard world out there and it is not going to get any easier. My mother did this for me (though with more grace and dignity) and I am a better man for it. No doubt. I hope that the police man up on this too and leave it be.

    • mamma italiana

      oh come on, are you for real?

  • Lisa C.

    Wow. Well, I guess we really don’t know what this kid + his mom went through on a daily basis (with respect to the son being bullied). I agree w/the mom trying to “toughen up” her son. However, the way she went about it (screaming like a banshee – cursing like she was in a barfight in Gloucester City/Fishtown) was totally out of line. Oh, and the bullying kids were totally WT, too (what w/their mouths). Looked like a decent Springer episode, now that I think about it. Tehehehe. Anyway, if there’s a lesson to be learned from this.. I sure don’t know what it is………

  • kris

    i would of handled it a little better ,but the mother is right you hav to stand up for urself or they will keep bulling you

  • Jan Alter

    If the kid was really being bullied by the other kid he was fighting then the mother was doing the right thing in supporting him to stand up for himself. Battles are rarely fought cleanly and surgically. Since the mother is not a professional fighting coach it’s not surprising that a few obscenities get tossed into the ring.
    It would be nice if we could live by our well thought out ideals but people have really not come that far. Someday, if humanity survives itself, we may be closer. In the meantime it’s still a ‘dog eat dog’ world. Everyone who wants to survive needs to learn to defend themself on as many different levels as possible; verbally, physically, emotionally, legally, etc.

  • Bill

    All kids should defend their selves’. the schools are a bunch of wimpy and worthless folks. the mother should have just punched the kids Mother in the face.

    • Peter

      I can’t criticize what this woman did. And I agree with Bill. My experience with my son was that the school did not want to hear about bullying. They wanted to preserve the image of being bully-free. So any report of bullying would be classified as a “mutual dispute.” I told my son to fight back instead of taking a beating and then being accused of a mutual fight. Several other parents yanked their kids out of the district and enrolled them in schools operated by their respective religions. Those schools watch out for customers who pay them directly by check.

  • Clean print head

    I am fully agree wit the mother who encouraging her child to fight back and as a mother you always teach your son/daughter how to defend themselves. Its great for them and they can survive in this world easil

  • Tommie

    The parent has to be the child’s advocate. When notified of the previous incidents, the school did nothing (they’re afraid of the parents.) That mom did the right thing by encouraging her child to fight back and to stand up for himself. This is not a police matter. There’s too much real crime out there that needs their attention. If the mom smacked the bully, then that would justify involving the police,but that’s not the case. Kids have to be tough and stand their ground against the bully, and if that means cheering your kid on in a fist fight because of being the victim of a bully – so be it. I would have reacted the same way. Enough is enough.

  • Lucy

    I agree with the mother, my mother would have done the same thing and I too would encourage my son to defend himself. Bullying is on a different level now, you can’t even leave it at school anymore with all the social media, these kids are attacked both physically and verbally 24 hours a day. I am not a big advocate of violence but when all else fails sometimes a good old fashioned fight in the street is needed!

  • Dee

    I agree with mom, bulling won’t stop till you take a stand. ” The experts ” can talk all they want because they don”t have a solution. Our kids are killing themselves , killing those who have bullied them and those who get caught-up in the excitement or joining a gang to help protect them or either bully them in. and let’s face it where can you really go? you need proof beyond a reasonable doubt , get to court with a video and hope they don’t lock you up go figure

  • Big Al

    I was bullied as a kid,, and it didn’t stop until I kicked the stuffing out of one of the billies. A teacher who was a friend of the family let me get in a few licks before stopping the fight.

    Now, maybe we should stop bullying, but I doubt it will ever happen. If they arrest the mother in the video, they should arrest the mothers of ALL the bullies in question.

  • Kim

    Thats tha problem with the kids today, they are too weak they can’t handle things such as stress and hard times people talking about them and so on. We have to teach out kids to be tough and handle things on their own. Fighting back is not wrong excecially if it is self defense. The mother was teaching her son how to handle a bully and fight back. I totally agree with her. When kids see you are being bullied the others will follow and bully you too. Fighting back will let them know you mean business and you are not taking that bullying mess.

  • D.D

    How about if we turn the focus onto the parents of the bully. Thats where your story is, I bet you’ll find something wrong in the composite of that family. Why not question those parents as to why their son is bullying this other kid…I give this mom all the credit in the world. I grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s and my mom would have done the same thing. Teach them to not back down. She obviously wouldnt have let it get out of hand. But these bullys need to be taught that you cant go through life beating up on people. Lets hear from the parents of the bully…

  • LEM

    Children should be taught st school age to communicate with their parents about any bully attacks. And than take self defense courses and stand up to bullies or they will go through all their school years always afraid of everyone.

  • William cardwell

    Bad Joe if it was ur kid you want him to defend himself it wasn’t like he was bullying someone he was being bullied another example of this I was in middle school when I boy hit a girl and I got up and beat the hell out of the kid the school wanted to expell me until my mom asked the principle if it was ur wife in an alley way would you want my son to stop I was in school the next day and treated no diffrent. Bullys are kids who are raised by sissy parents who don’t care to monitor they’re children or by ghetto trash who don’t deserve to have kids. Good for the mother I bet no one will mess withthat kid again

  • Shelly

    I agree with the mother encouraging her child to fight back. Even if he doesnt “win” the fight, he stood up for himself and faced his fear. The bullies also now know that this kid has support. However, I think she crossed the line for cursing at the other children.

  • peg

    I do not think charges should be filed against this woman. Her son got no help when bullying was reported. His mother did right to teach him to stand up to his bullies and protect himself by giving back what they gave him. The school officials administrators should have called the bullies into the office and called their parents and they should have been told that if they continued the bullying, they would be suspended from school or expelled.

  • Taisha

    i think as a mother u have to teach your kids how to defend themselves and not let ppl walk over you! violence is not good but wen it comes knocking on ur front door u have to answer it!! thats goes for kids or adults!

  • Christian

    As a 15 year old boy I believe this s definatley not the way this should be handled. The victim should be defending himself not hurting them on purpose.

    • Peter

      Christian, I respect your opinion , but I believe it would change if, after defending yourself against a known bully, you and your parents were told by an assistant principal that you were 50% at fault.

  • William cardwell

    That’s what’s wrong with this world the only thing his mother did wrong was curse like that in front of kids other then that all u sissy parents need to pull your panties from your butts . My mom would of done the same thing no one wants to see there child bullied and when the bully’s follow ur kid home something has to be done. I guess no one heard the bully tell the adult I already fd ur kid up that kid deserved an old fashion ass whooping and his mother should of got one too for lettin her kid talk to an adult like that

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