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Howard & Ike: Chris Pronger’s Injury, Mike Lombardi

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Highlights from Howard Eskin & Ike Reese’s Afternoon show…

Dr.Nick talks about Chris Pronger’s injury

Mike Lombardi, NFL Network

More from Howard Eskin & Ike Reese
  • Donna Lauria

    Cannot believe that this wonderful team has dug yet another hole for themselves.

    I think a goalie change is in order. Defense is lacking – seriously; And the offense doesn’t seem to care about positioning themselves in front of the net for re-bound shots.

    I hope they are able to make another come back, but it seems very doubtful.

  • Dave

    Les – Did you even listen to Dr. Nick? Have you ever had a disc problem? What a Dope!

  • les

    Pronger is just a wusss—Lappy 50+ stiches and plays!!!!! Get Rid OF Him!!!!!

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