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Dozens Of Animals Rescued From ‘Deplorable Conditions’ In Chester County

COATESVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — The Chester County SPCA raided the home of a Coatesville woman Tuesday afternoon and found nearly two dozen dogs living in what were described as deplorable conditions.

Richard Britton, a spokesman for the Chester County SPCA, says the group received a tip call about an elderly woman, Wynne Byers, who had animals that were living in inhumane conditions.

“Animal protective services officers found 22 small dogs, individually in cat cages, the smell of feces, urine in the room. Upon examination of these dogs, they had medical conditions, skin problems as well as flea infestation and many of them are very thin,” said Britton after a search warrant was served Tuesday afternoon.

He says the dogs appear to be a wide range of ages and include Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Chiahuahuas, and Shih tzus.

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Britton says they also found and seized six cats.

“They’re everything to me. I don’t know why they are taking them away from me,” Byers said. “They’re the only reason I want to live.”

All of the animals were taken to the Chester County animal shelter and will be cared for there pending disposition of an animal cruelty case against the homeowner.

The Chester County SPCA says anyone with more than 25 pets needs to have a kennel license.

Reported by Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

  2. Laura Shenk says:

    Has this lady actually been charged with anything? Or did the SPCA just invade someones home, for an opportunity to grandstand for the cameras? I can’t find any news updates.

  3. patriot says:

    These agencies are out of control. Can’t you all see what is really happening? Google this…Memphis is passing a law that ALL dogs/cats have to be spayed/neutered. Missouri is trying to pass NO BREEDING laws. The SPCA removed only eleven dogs from a lady in Memphis in January 2011 because the house “reeked” and the dogs had fleas (big deal – lots of dogs have fleas and no fault of the owner!) WITH NO DUE PROCESS – SHE committed SUICIDE 5 days later and they came in and charged her HUSBAND with animal cruelty. This is happening everywhere in every state. Why dont the pet food companies lobby to save our PETS from extinction and before they are forced out of business when there are no dogs or cats left to feed. 9.2 MILLION are murdered each year and with the MILLIONS that are donated to them…they could SAVE most of them.

  4. animal lover says:

    well what the hell, if she wasn’t able to pay for all the care , then maybe they should of helped her to do just that. at least they had a home ,& love. i have many pets too, they r my life, i don’t have alot of money for everything that in some ppl’s eyes should be done, but thet get what is most needed, a good clean home, & lots of love. i took alot of mine in from bad homes, i don’t see the state knocking at my door saying thank you fot caring for them ,& keeping them out of the shelter so they can be put down, or be in a concrete box with no continuous love. help the woman she loves them, & trying to do her best.does anyone really know what goes on in a shelter,????????, if the workers talk they loose there jobs.

    1. Nicolais Mommy says:

      I am big on rescuing animals as well, but the way they were living is wrong. I dont care how much she “Loved” these animals. NO ANIMALS SHOULD BE IN THEIR CRATES STACKED WITH THEIR OWN FLUIDS AND STUFF. I dont feel a cent of remorse for this woman or others that are like her, Animal Hoarding is a serious problem. If she cared about these animals at all, they would not have been in the conditions they were in, plain and simple.

  5. Katie says:

    I feel sorry for the woman but feel worse for the poor dogs. the woman needs psychiatric help. She is a hoarder. There needs to be stricter laws in the state of Pennsylvania and in the U.S. in connection to animal welfare and some kind of mandatory limit of animals per household. I know- there would be no one to enforce this concept but changes are desperately needed in animal welfare.

  6. missdisplaced says:

    It’s so sad. I hate seeing these stores. No doubt she didn’t mean any harm to the animals, but she is a hoarder.

  7. patriot says:

    They didn’t have to take her dogs on the first round. They could have given her two weeks to come into compliance, secure her kennel license, bring the rabies shots up to date, upgraded her crates, etc. They didn’t have to put her in the paper and treat her like a drug dealer, take away her reason for living, murder her beloved pets. How would you like this to happen to YOU??? It CAN happen, you know and you don’t even have to have a lot of pets for it to happen.

  8. smashly says:

    That’s the problem…how do we know the article is true? The SPCA HAS to trump up the charges to justify the search warrant. She needs a LAWYER to save her dogs. The problem is, at least with HER, the dogs are ALIVE. The SPCA has an 85% KILL RATE – what do you think will happen to the elder dogs? They won’t be adopted so they will be killed. Which is WORSE?

  9. Earl says:

    So they had a few flees and were a little thin- unbelievable! The picture above could have been taken in any home I know of- the way this woman is being treated is deplorable. The SPCA is a fascist organization that would rather see a dog put down than have flees, and not be fat like so many other “healthy” animals of suburbia. Would these dogs have been better off in the woods or scavenging dumpsters? Did anyone think about talking with this woman, sitting down with her and discussing the situation? I can understand trying to do what’s right for her, but treating her like a criminal- putting this story in the papers- OUTRAGIOUS!!! Only in America, home of the brave and land of the not so free!

    I’ve had my own run-in with the Chester County SPCA, as you might have deduced already. About 10 years ago, when I still lived in Chester County near Coatesville, I was feeding a stray long hair cat. The cat looked like siht, but it was well fed, and I even gave it a place to sleep in my garage. When I was selling my house, some do-gooder reported me to the SPCA and they basically threatened me with criminal charges if I didn’t bring the cat into them and have hundreds of dollars worth of “care” done on the animal. I took the cat right in, sat her on the counter, pulled out my “summons” and told them they could have her. These people have good hearts- the problem with many of them is that they think with those hearts and not with their heads. One scraggly, ratty looking, well fed cat in my opinion is better than one well groomed cat lying dead on an SPCA exam table- they apparently see it differently.

  10. sheriff says:

    What is it about these nut job women & hoarding animals?. Sicko’s.

    1. smashly says:

      She’s NOT a nut JOB…she has obviously been HURT by HUMANS and keeps her animals as part of her family with LOVE. Animals who love unconditionally. Don’t believe what you READ about animal rescue – it is a BIG business and most of her animals will most likely be killed. Is it better to KILL them than to let them live out their lives in LOVE? Why doesn’t the SPCA HELP these people with the MILLIONS of dollars donated to them every year. WHY is it better to KILL the dogs than to let them live with their owners who love them? WE should help her rather than demonize her for taking care of her animals for their entire lives, unlike those who dispose of a dog only because it pees on their rug.

      1. sweet says:

        If what the article reports is true then the owner obviously had no clue about proper pet care despite her affection for the animals. And having that many pets quickly gets expensive when it comes to food, grooming, and medical care. She obviously was beyond her means and wasn’t able to take care or them. It wouldn’t just be about teaching her how to properly care for them. It’s also about her being financially able to in the long haul. It might be love, but it’s misguided and uneducated.

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