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Philadelphia Firefighter’s Charity Pose Ignites Departmental Controversy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia firefighter who struck a pose for a charity calendar is causing a raging controversy within the Philadelphia Fire Department.

In the photo, 31-year-old Jack Slivinski is posing in front of the Logan Circle fountain, smiling and shirtless. Money from the calendars would have benefited widows of Philadelphia firefighters.

Just one small problem: the department doesn’t allow it.

“We don’t do beefcake. We don’t sell sex. We sell safety,” says fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers, who has taken Slivinski out of the elite Rescue 1 unit while he investigates.

Firefighters union spokesman Mike Kane calls that unfair punishment.

“This kid is a highly trained, highly motivated young man,” says Kane, “and the idea that he got shanghaied out of that spot for simply trying to do something good for the widows is unbelievable to us.”

The union says the commissioner should give the firefighter a letter of reprimand and let him get back to work — with his shirt on.

Reported by Margie Smith, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Nino says:

    They don’t sell sex but sex sells. he looked good and could have made you money fire department.

  2. Troy says:

    If a person only shows what everyone sees on any common, public beach then what is the big deal? If would be different if he was wearing something sheer or shows his privates when the fabric gets wet. Though many nudes can be done tastefully (as a profile with no privates showing) all this man is showing is his obliques. …FOR CHARITY! When did obliques become pornographic(?). oms, This country and our trivial sensoring of the most unimportant of issues. How about “us” concentrating on stricter punishment for drugs, theft and violence …prevention for homelessness, hunger, proper healthcare …early education for sexual issues surrounding the issues that affect us all from people having random sex especially at an early age: widespread & unplanned pregnancy, birth defects, STDs/AIDS …fewer and fewer jobs for an ever expanding population due to carelessness or pressure to have sex? ***Dare I say, “If the opportunity arose to support a great and necessary charity and getting completely nude would bring in the money, I’d get completely nude”.

    1. edwin m. says:

      VERY well said.
      it’s such a shame to have lost such a good citizen/serviceman over such absurdity. it really breaks my heart.
      this is certainly typical american persecutory behavior on their perception of our bodies and sexuality in general. it just sends a strong message on how alarmingly pathological the american psyche is.

  3. mark shuman says:

    if they use philly cheerleaders for a charity shoot,will they be fully clothed. the guy did what he did for a good cause…get over it get on with it and let him get back to work…like philly has a code of ethics in anything…you people throw snowballs at santa for christ sakes

  4. Ben says:

    What a massive f’ing prude. For charity, and considering that pretty much every major city in the US does this charity event for several notable causes. It shows that this prude has no heart at all. He’d also have a good case for wrongful sacking if no equal action is taken against the other firefighters that took part

  5. kim says:

    Be real. It’s for CHARITY!!!!!!! People show more skin on TV, at the beach, walking down the street, etc. I don’t understand what the big issue is – other cities have done firefighter calendars to help charities and NO ONE in those cities took offense. I thought our city was more progressive than that.

  6. all for it says:

    Is he suppose to put on a shirt and long pants when he goes to the beach? Get real PFD….I think commissoner needs to start living in the 21st century. Children look up to firefighters? Yes, and don’t you think this is the body to tell them..”take care of yourself?” “Do good things for charity?” And he wasn’t representing the fire department….he was representing firefighters in general FOR CHARITY….they had no right to remove him from his post.

    1. Ben says:

      Its pretty obvious though what kind of person this joker is. I did think the northern US cities were a lot more progressive.

  7. MARI says:


  8. Cris says:

    come to brasil! here have a job! hehehe

  9. steph says:

    oh my shame its not a bad picture so many people are far worse being uncovered cant deal with a descent body grow up it was for charity what is all the hubbub about

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