Philadelphia Man Arrested For Taking Inappropriate Photos Of Sleeping SEPTA Rider

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Police say a man has been arrested for allegedly taking inappropriate pictures of a sleeping SEPTA rider.

Wednesday morning on the SEPTA R5 train, police say 34-year-old George Tai Kim took advantage of a woman who was sleeping next to him. Kim, who did not know the woman, was caught taking pictures up the female passengers dress.

“I was appalled, just like anyone else would have been,” SEPTA Officer Don Noz said.

Kim reportedly took at least 50 pictures of the victim, who according to Noz, had no idea what was going on. Noz, off-duty and dressed in plain clothes, was sitting across from Kim and the victim as he snapped away on his cell phone.

“She heard my voice, talking to him and woke up, and didn’t even know what was going on until she was awakened by my voice,” Noz explained.

Watch the video…

Noz arrested Kim on the spot.

George Kim, a married father with two children, told them he was riding the train to work in Center City. He’s a pensions specialist at the board of pensions for the Presbyterian Church.

Kim is being charged with Invasion of Privacy and Disorderly Conduct.

“He didn’t know there was a police officer right next to him while he was doing such a terrible thing. In feeling for the woman, I was glad that I was at that place at that time, to try and help her in a way,” Noz said.

Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Count Yob says:

    You can look but don’t touch and, uhhh, er, don’t take pictures either.

  2. moto62 says:

    the office let him snap off 50 pics before stopping him? that’s just wrong and weird.

  3. CW says:

    What’s a Hmung?

    – Grand Turismo

  4. Mee Hungree says:

    How can anyone fall asleep on a SEPTA train? Gross.

  5. hobo humpin slobo babe says:

    but officer i always get off at this point ,i mean stop, [some of these commets are priceless] like the one who said maybe he got a sigh from the sleeping lady that it was ok

  6. CDFISH says:

    At least we know there are more than one perv out there that wouldn’t have a problem taking these type of pics….

    You guys are crazy saying there isn’t a problem here…

    Maybe she was wearing revealing clothes or something to that nature…that’s just another issue…doesn’t make the original issue ok. Nut jobs …ha

  7. Not1OfYouPeople says:

    Kinda like them Lincoln HS CHILDREN on the 88 Bus!

  8. stan says:

    I think the officier was jealous he didn’t have a better camera and angle to shot so he busted the guy. He enjoyed the view long enough for the guy to shoot 50 pics. The same thing any other guy would do. Can I get a copy ?

  9. jm says:

    I know… Sleeping on a crowded train in a short skirt with your legs open. Totally not Christian at all Odie.

  10. jm says:

    If a person did not undertake reasonable efforts to conceal something from a casual observer (as opposed to a snoop), then no subjective expectation of privacy is assumed

  11. jm says:

    Why was she not locked up for indecent exposure? Just sayin

  12. java says:

    Out of proportion.

    It was in fact wrong, but it’s taken out of proportion.

    How is this different from what a papparazzi does? Last I checked the train is a “public space”, no one broked into the girl’s house while she was sleeping.

    I bet all of you (specially women) calling to hang this guy, watch EXTRA or read People Magazine, and keep on gossiping about the latest Lohan or Spears nude upskirt picture, but yet you find this to be an outrage?

    The girl had a mini skirt (stress on “mini”) and sats down with her knees up! and falls asleep?…C’mon!, you’re begging to be looked at. The guy took a couple of pictures, like probably anybody else would had done in his place.

    1. jm says:

      There is no “EXPECTATION of PRIVACY” on a train…. Google that, cause it applies here. I agree with Java

    2. Rong says:

      Sorry But A LADY Does Not Invite These Kind Of Opportunities Upon Herself. Hopefully Others Can Take A Lesson From This Story And Reconsider Their Style Of Dress. There Are Curtain Female Fashions That Invite The Males Eye For A Seductive Peak.
      Although I Disagree With The Picture Taking …Speaking For This Male, I Must Say Some Of The Outfits For Woman Are Hard To Resist Staring.

      From: jm
      If a person did not undertake reasonable efforts to conceal something from a casual observer (as opposed to a snoop), then no subjective expectation of privacy is assumed

  13. 2much says:

    OMG a silly fratboy joke blown up and possibly destroying someones life. Was it smart? NO is it newsworthy ? NO
    Get real- spare me the drama

  14. Odie1022 says:

    So, just how many pictures of a sleeping woman’s private area IS a great guy allowed to take?

  15. bottomline says:

    There’s more, but I never had a camera of pursued any of these women – more then I can say for the women.

  16. lyn says:

    The article did say he worked for a church, go back and re-read.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Reread again he doesnt work for a church

  17. QueenRider says:

    Why did Noz wait until this guy took 50 pictures to intervene? That’s a lot of pointing and shooting.

  18. jm says:

    This is a fetish and on both sides of the camera. I would be hard pressed to think that this man would do such a thing on busy train if he had not thought that he had some sign of permission from the woman. Sleeping? well… that kinda puts a twist on it. But I personally have taken a glance at a pair of legs, and magically found that if I was noticed in doing so, I would get a better view minutes later. Pics? lol no.. never felt the need to go that far. But if this was not a popular sport, there would not be thousands of web sites devoted to it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wild imagination. The report did not say he was with his daughter or that he works for a church. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? And the pic of his daughter? Really irresponsible, CBS.

  20. anonymous says:

    I agree! Isn’t that illegal? Shame on CBS.

    1. mom2 says:

      The picture was taken from his FACEBOOK account!
      Maybe he needs a reality check and seriously needs take note of how his perverted actions effect not only the victum but his family too! Those of you who don’t feel this way are just as egotistical and self centered as he is.

  21. Concerned says:


    How would you feel if your granddaughter Daria, daughter Alana or Michelle had been the victim?


  22. Lisa says:

    I agree with you Daria, CBS 3 give me a break, what idiots!!!

  23. Rhonda says:

    Daria how would you have felt had the shoes been on your feet. CBS you have lost one but I am forever in your corner. News is news. Officer Noz good look out who knows what that pervert was going to do with those photos, maybe he was going to report this to the news Daria. Would that have made you a better viewer. However, you do have the right to view what ever channel you like.

    1. daria says:

      honestly, i would have been flattered that someone wanted to take pictures up my dress…..give me a break…people need to lighten up…there are people killing, raping, selling drugs, and a war going on to boot….get a better perspectiive of real life….

      1. jm says:

        Daria… lol Call me :)

  24. Jean Valjean says:

    Most of the earlier comment posts are not worthy of posting. If you ever had a mother or grandmother perhaps you’d understand stopping this kind of perveted act is necessary. I also venture to guess that such a twisted person would not stop at sexually abusing children had he the chance. Well done officer Noz.

    1. Lisa says:

      Wow Jean what the hell are you talikng about, how did it go from taking pics to sexually abusing children, I think you might need to re-read the story and stop making ridiculous comments, it is obvious you have some mental issues. Only a person with a very sick mind would even think about bringing up children, get some help sister.

      1. barb says:

        I agree Lisa, how could this go from taking pictures to abusing children….Jean needs help

    2. NoGreenZero says:

      Jean – Just stop it. Go back to the beginning Jean & start over.

      Think before you write.

  25. Anthony says:

    Oh thank god another life saved. This is probably so overdramatized. It’s public transportation was she sleeping with her legs open? Cmon

  26. Lisa says:

    With all the Drugs, Murders and Corruption in the City you would think we wouldn’t have to hear about this nonsense. CBS 3 why don’t you go track down some drug dealers, maybe knock on some accused murders door and ask some questions. Give me a break with this nonsense. Go report some real news for once!!

    1. Bajingo says:

      You’re not helping your case by insinuating this is a sex crime. You are both trivializing real sex crimes and turning this peeping-tom incident into a farce.

    2. drjr says:

      hey lisa are you an idiot!!!

  27. harlowre says:

    UP A WOMEN’S DRESS, Bill? Surely you’re not delusional enough to believe that that is within anyone’s rights.

  28. Bill Stephens says:

    What crime is it to take photos of someone on a public conveyance? Surely America is no longer a free country when it’s considered to take pictures in public.

    1. drjr says:

      so it’s ok that I take a pic of your wifes croch..but only if shes sleeping on a train…got it…thanks you

      1. drjr says:

        social decay!!!!

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