3 Philadelphia Cops Charged With Illegal Steroid Trafficking

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Fifteen people, including a Philadelphia police detective and two other Philadelphia police officers, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for their alleged involvement in an illegal steroid and HGH distribution ring.

Investigators say that Detective Keith Gidelson, 34, bought monthly shipments of steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) from suppliers in Europe and China. One supplier would allegedly ship the drugs to California, where they were repackaged for shipment to Gidelson. Then, officials say, he and his wife Kirsten would repackage the drugs in their home and sell the illegal drugs to customers at their home and area fitness clubs.

Police officers George Sambuca, 25, and Joseph McIntyre, 36, are also charged.

Some of the alleged clients are named in the 17-count indictment.

Read the Indictment (.pdf format)

“Another dark day for our department,” acknowledged Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey today, “but one that certainly does not reflect the good work that goes on every single day by the men and women of this department. But unfortunately, we do have some that tarnish the badge and continue to do so, and we will very aggressively continue to go after them and get them out of our ranks.”

All three officers are in custody. Each has been suspended with the intent to dismiss.

The defendants are charged with conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids, and Gidelson is the accused head of the ring.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. lexgal says:

    This is unnecessary hype and a waste of time and tax payers money. Its steriods NOT heroin, crack or meth! I would rather have a cop that is strong and in better shape to come to my aid than a lazy donut eating cop that wouldn’t even be able to chase someone for one block! Police should be an exception for the usage of anabolic steroids and HGH.

  2. NoGreenZero says:

    “I lif tings up and put dem down”

    “I lif tings up and put dem down”

  3. Ken j says:


  4. ChristianLiving says:

    While I do think “dirty” cops need to be weeded out, there are so many cops who are doing their jobs well with good intentions, so please do not generalize. Every profession has people who mess up or who have bad intentions, but there are plenty that do a good job and have good intentions. These cops need to be reprimanded definitely, but really, no one is perfect.

    1. Fed Up in Philly says:

      Follow the news. Dirty cops have been a weekly event in Philly. Weekly!! Every week another story is posted about police corruption. Enough already.

      1. NoGreenZero says:

        Weekly? Try daily son….

  5. bob says:

    who cares

  6. your outta here says:

    Book ’em, Danno.

  7. Tim Kerr says:

    cops love steroids

  8. Zzbar says:

    OMG, white cops caught dealing illegal drugs (HGH). Jake Jeeter and Fed Up in Philly, you are right on.

  9. Jake Jeeter says:

    I agree with Fed Up In Philly with a modification: I think that cops in general are an uncontrolled rogue infestation in society. They are far more often the problem than the solution. It’s only natural that a department such as Philly is going to have problem on top of problem on top of problem with such a large infestation.

  10. Mr. Brightside says:

    They look like some thick necked ‘roid boys. It’s actually good that we’re hearing about this. It means we’re weeding out all the dirty cops. I just didn’t think there were so many.

  11. Fed Up in Philly says:

    Every week. Every week there’s a new story about Philly cops. It’s unreal. This department should be considered a hostile cell.

    1. Sanford says:

      Hey Dummy, there are over 7,000 police officers in Philly. There are bound to be some bad ones in the bunch! YOU BIG DUMMY!

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