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5:45 Another candidate is competing for mayor in the Democratic Primary.

5:54 President Obama’s Campaign Manager Jim Messina released an “inside look” at the 2012 Campaign.

6:14 New York Public Libraries consider pornography free speech and are allowing in on library computers.

6:27 Piers Morgan’s ratings at CNN have hit an all time low.

piers morgan Stigall Show Log 4.26.11

6:42 Philadelphia’s black population now tops all other groups.

6:58 President Obama attended Easter service at Shiloh Baptist Church.

7:15 A Washington Post piece says President Obama lacks a consistent foriegn policy agenda.

7:42 Chris talks to Fox News Contributor and Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl about her new book Heart of Ice. CLICK HERE for the details on contest that she’s running on her website

lis wiehl Stigall Show Log 4.26.11

8:12 Chris talks to Charlie Manuel about the Phillies West Coast trip.

charlie manuel 23 Stigall Show Log 4.26.11

8:25 The Carl Lewis Campaign is asserting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tried to dissaude him from running for a seat in the state Senate.

8:42 Chris welcomes Mayor Michael Nutter to the show for the first time.

michael nutter Stigall Show Log 4.26.11

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