20 Sheep Attacked By Dogs On Bucks County Farm

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Twenty sheep on a Bucks County farm are the targets of a vicious attack by nearby dogs and the owner feels the wounds are so severe that some of the animals may need to be put down.

The farmer who owns the sheep says two dogs were chasing his animals down throughout the night. He says humane officers from Harrisburg are on their way to Doylestown to investigate.

Many of the wounds to the sheep are so severe farmer Rick Cohl believes several of the animals will need to be put to death.

“I’ve never seen anything to that extent. Once in awhile you have something come along and maybe just attack one sheep, but 20 plus, I’ve never seen anything that great,” said Cohl.

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The dogs that are believed to be responsible are huskies. They belong to a neighbor who refused to be interviewed by Eyewitness News. She contends her dogs are normally friendly, but somehow they got through the fence that surrounds her home Monday night.

Many of the sheep required several stitches to close gaping wounds.

“The claws were mostly cutting them wide open and they had to sew them back together,” Cohl said.

Cohl says he’s looking at a veterinary bill to take care of the sheep that could cost him thousands of dollars.

“We’re look at about $20,000 the way it stands now and the vets are going to come out tomorrow and work on them again, so it’s more,” Cohl explained.

Cohl is demanding that his neighbor cover the costs for taking care of the sheep. Whether or not the neighbor has agreed to do so remains unclear.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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  1. Marie Marinakis says:

    Very disturbing story, but I’m glad to see that CBS 3 did choose to cover it. At the very least, the dogs owner should be legally liable for the medical costs involved in treating the injured sheep. Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their animals. The dogs didn’t know any better, but their owner certainly should have!

  2. Very Sad Story says:

    I feel like crying every time I look at the pictures of the injured sheep!! They are so sweet and helpless looking. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible it was for them to be so brutally and viciously attacked!!

  3. jersey joe says:

    This is baaaaaaad.

    1. Philly Bill says:

      Yeeeeeeeees it is!

  4. Elle Keith says:

    We live in farming community in Central Texas. We know and as do all of out neighbors that if your dog or dogs are caught harassing/Maiming/killing livestock in the area they will be shot. We might give one morning. Our animals out here are a way of life and support our families(my husband and I are family farmers. We’ve had one of our dogs shot(she repeatedly slipped through the fence/dog run to harass our neighbors chickens and one day she got into the pen and killed several of them. She didn’t survive but we had a pretty good idea about what was going to happen when she got out the last time.) I have actually taken shots at neighbor dogs harassing our livestock(They killed 1 ram, 5 ewes and 3 lambs all pure bred Barbado sheep) They we’re roaming the area in a pack and we were not the only farm affected by them. We shot them and told the owners that we could identify. They were grateful that we told them and understood why they had been shot. Its the country way of life. If these dogs had been on my property they wouldn’t have made it home! I really hope the farmer is able to recover from this financial loss and strain. I also hope the owner of the dogs learns to control her animals better!

    1. Angie says:

      Wow–What a great story!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Animal Lover says:

    What the Huskies was doing was entirely instinctual – it’s in their DNA. All dogs are pack animals, but Huskies in particular, because they are still raised to live in packs in colder regions of the country. They are also EXCELLENT escape artists, more so than most dogs. The fence could very well have looked intact, but if any dog is going to find a way out, it is a Husky. They are friendly to humans by nature, but they ran into another “Pack” of animals – sheep – and you can’t predetermine their reaction. I have two large breed dogs and I have umbrella insurance specifically for this reason. Dogs, like people, are unpredictable. Umbrella insurance covers you if your dog bites or attacks something/someone. Make sure this is stated clearly when you buy a policy. Better to be safe than sorry. I feel sad for the owner of the sheep, and I wish a speedy recovery for all of them. Sometimes nature and instinctual behavior in animals is unpleasant – but it is natural. That’s why I avoid the National Geographic Channel – I can’t stand watching animals kill each other!!!!

    1. The Jungle vs. The Society says:

      I agree about animal instincts…but being that these two neighbors don’t live in a JUNGLE featured on National Geographic (and instead live in SOCIETY)…there are RULES!! Here in the various societies of the good old USA, if someone (or something…or some dog) steps onto YOUR property and injures or mames YOU, YOUR ANIMALS, or YOUR CHILDREN–there are consequences!! Stepping forward and taking responsibility for your (and your dog’s) actions is the best approach!! If you can’t control your dogs, keep them off of other people’s property or don’t have dogs at all.

      Perhaps a jungle environment would be better suited for this woman and her dogs!! There (in the jungle) INSTINCTS are the law of the land! :)

  6. husky owner says:

    I own huskies and know that if they can find a way to escape, that being said I never leave my dogs untended outside, How come the owner didnt notice her dogs missing?

    1. A Responsible Husky Owner says:

      Wow–if everyone was as responsible as you, there would be no problems in the world. I wish you could be cloned!! Simple and terrific insight!! GREAT POINT you make about WHY DIDN’T THE DOG OWNER NOTICE HER DOGS WERE MISSING?

      I am sure this farmer (and his sheep) wish YOU (and your dogs) were his neighbor! :)

  7. Lynn Timber says:

    This is an unfortunate situation for all involved: foremost the sheep and the farmer but also the owners of the dogs. These dogs are friendly family pets. Do not assume they were irresponsible dog owners . There was a physical fence and an electric fence that the dogs broke through. Dogs (especially male) will do this and some dogs have stronger prey drive than others. From all I have read and seen, the owners of the dogs are accepting responsibility.

    1. Dog Owner Needs to Assume Responsibility and Stop Hiding from the Press! says:

      Based on the news story, your comments are not entirely accurate. Actually the owners of the dogs refused to be interviewed (as stated in the news story). Further, the owner of the sheep is stuck with a $15-20,000 vet bill plus some sheep that were injured so badly they may have to be euthanized. This is horrifying!! Last, the news story ends by the reporter stating that the owner of the sheep wants the dog owner to pay his vet bills, but there has been no response from the dog owner at this point.

      Regardless if the dog owner had a fence or not…if her dogs broke through a fence and are on SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY and the dogs then proceed to maul and brutalize animals on THAT property….it falls on the responsibility of the dog owner. Again, the news story clearly says that the dog owner refused to be interviewed and has not come forth to assume responsiblity of the horrific damage her dogs did to someone else’s animals (sheep) on someone else’s property. I can’t even imagine going to sleep…thinking all of your animals are fine…and waking up to this nightmare!!

      If anyone comes to YOUR home and harms you, your family, or your pets on your property….they need to be held accountable.

  8. Guess Who says:

    Odd that huskies would claw the sheep rather than bite them.

    1. Janet Jones says:

      In looking at the pictures and viewing the news broadcast, the sheep were BOTH clawed AND bitten. Some of them were bitten so severely, it was mentioned (in the news story) that they may need to be euthanized.

  9. mr380 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…..just a bunch of sheep

    1. Stop Cruelty to Animals says:

      That’s cruel. I doubt you would feel that way if these were your personal pets that were attacked…or if you or one of your family members were attacked by these dogs.

  10. mackeytableforone says:

    Is this the Easter story?

  11. Tom says:

    Shoot the dogs!

    1. Janice Shoppe says:

      Unfortunately, this may be an instinctive behavior for the dogs. I feel the responsibility falls on the owner. Very careless of the owner to let these dogs run loosely knowing they could kill and mame these sheep!

  12. Alfred says:

    Maybe a Post Office Box address would be a good idea to mail our donations?

    1. Donations for the Sheep! says:

      GREAT IDEA!! I hope Channel 3 is looking at our comments!!

    2. Sheep Donations? says:

      I actually called Channel 3 today to see if an address or PO Box was listed for people to send donations to (for the sheep’s vet bills). As of today, they did not have an address listed. Perhaps they will in the coming days if enough people maintain an interest in this story about the poor little injured sheep!! I further thanked them for broadcasting the story and asked if they could please give us a follow-up so we know how the sheep are doing!! :)

  13. dulfkjlj says:

    My heart is breaking for these sheep!

  14. Let's Help The Sheep! says:

    Help–I too am having problems sleeping after viewing this story on the news tonight!! CBS 3, please follow-up on this story to make sure everything works out right!! I can’t even begin to think of how aweful it was for those sheep to be attacked…and have no ability whatsoever to defend themselves. It’s simply tragic! Please let us know if we can help these sheep!

  15. STargazerss says:

    I hope the owner of those dogs will be RESPONSIBLE and 1. FIX that fence and 2. Pay for the vet bills. It’s the least they could do…This is terrible to hear about. I hope all the sheep recover.

    1. Responsibility says:

      I agree with your plan completely!! If everyone was as conscientious as you…there would certainly be a lot less problems in the world!! :) Great suggestions!! You are correct…it is the very LEAST the owner of those dogs could do!! Unfortunately, the news story mentioned some of the sheep were so severely injured, they may have to be euthanized. I love animals…if something like this were to happen to one of my pets I would be simply devastated!! Prayers for the health and recovery of those little sheep…! More prayers that the owner of those dogs will be RESPONSIBLE!!

  16. Angelina Stills says:

    Hello, I would also like to know the address of the farmer, so I could possible send a donation for his injured sheep. That story was tragically upsetting…it just broke my heart thinking of those sheep being vicisously attacked and being completely unable to defend themselves. Just aweful. Please, CBS 3, do follow-up on this story and let us viewers know how we can help!

  17. dunsho says:

    shouldn’t insurance cover his vet cost?

    1. makes no sense says:

      I don’t know if farm animals are insured? Regardless, it doesn’t seem fair that HIS insurance should have to cover the cost. Heck, if that was the case…he’d probably have to pay higher premiums for something he didn’t even cause!! It would be like someone hitting you head on in a car…totalling your car…and then telling you that you had to pay for it!

  18. Hillary Hathaway says:

    I would also like to see a follow-up on this news story. I have not been able to fall asleep ever since I saw it on the 11:00pm news. The vicious harm and devastation that occurred to those sheep was simply beyond what one could express in words. How could the owner of those dogs be so thoughtless and careless? Someone this irresponsible should not be allowed to have pets!! Perhaps her dogs should be given to a more responsible owner to be cared for. Regardless, the farmer needs to be compensated so he can take proper care of simply devastating injuries that occured to his pet sheep. CBS 3, please follow- up on this story. It always seems that “happy endings” do manage to come about, due to your follow-up! Thank you for making viewers aware of this tragedy. Perhaps you could broadcast the farmer’s address (if he were to approve) to send donations for the care of his sheep?

  19. Jill Ayers says:

    CBS 3 – Please follow up on this story. It is truly devastating to see such a vicious attack on those harmless sheep. The owner of those dogs needs to pay for the tragedy that was caused. Please keep viewers posted and let us know what we can do to help the poor farmer and his sheep!!

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