Red Light Cameras Debut In Cherry Hill

CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) – If you drive Route 70 in Cherry Hill and you are used to speeding up to make the light at Springdale Road: beware. Red light cameras are scheduled to go into operation on Monday.

Red light cameras are proliferating and the latest addition goes up at an intersection that sees 80,000 cars a day. That intersection also saw 400 accidents in 8 months last year so police are hoping the cameras calm traffic and decrease accidents, which, if they work as they have in most places, is likely to happen.

They are also likely to generate some revenue. The ticket for going through the light is $85.

However, for the next 30 days, police will just be issuing warnings and educating drivers about the cameras, so you have time to get used to stopping at that light.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Annoyed with the injustice... says:

    I wish you would do a follow up on the red light photos in Cherry Hill. Yesterday I received a violation because I did not come to a complete stop before making a legal right turn on red at the intersection of Route 70 and Springdale Road in Cherry Hill. Traffic was not an issue since the traffic coming that direction also had a red light so it is not a safety issue. According to your story, the main reason that Cherry Hill is using the cameras is cutting down on accidents – but in my case., there was no threat of an accident whatsoever. I think it is a license for the township to print money. And, as a tax payer in Cherry Hill, I find it appaling that we are not trying to find real offenders – people who actually run a red light, we are harassing people.

    Please do a follow up story on this story and please look at how many “real” violations are being recorded and how much revenue Cherry Hill is getting from people who are making minor violations and are paying the fine instead of going to court.

  2. Mariel says:

    the only ones who are affected by these cameras are reckless drivers who run red lights. otherwise, this shouldnt be an issue. RED MEANS STOP. so just obey the law and there is no reason to be “outraged.” this is about public safety.

    1. Earl says:

      Mariel –

      Horse hockey. This is about generating revenue for the city, pure and simple. Studies throughout the nation have shown no significant decrease in accidents when these systems are installed.

      BTW, if you have nothing to hide, why not drop off a spare set of house keys to the local police station, so they can come in and search your house whenever they like. Just “obey the law” and it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

      Once you lose a freedom, you NEVER get it back.

    2. Joe says:

      That is BS. I received one of these warnings today. I do not and have not ever ran this light. I do, however, make a right hand turn off it in the morning. I also do not recall being informed about this ahead of time. Dropping a news article here and there is not informing. I will be calling to complain.

  3. rosilend says:

    i want to know about the pets

  4. Jersey is so over says:

    Cherry Hill, bad cops, bad policies, entrapment, bad budget. Get out now while you still can. This is ridiculous, residents should be outraged and will be outraged within a few weeks. When did we turn into London?

    1. michael says:

      in some ways you are right about jersey but it is everywhere people are so busy working and trying to make it today the cameras are only for the idots that dont slow down at an intersection now maybe the will

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