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Police: Females Steal $1K In Groceries From Delaware Supermarket

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) – Police in Delaware are searching for two female suspects who loaded up a shopping cart and stole $1,000 in groceries from a supermarket.

The incident happened at about 10:20 a.m. Saturday at the Pathmark in the College Square Shopping Center in Newark.

According to investigators, the two female suspects entered the supermarket, loaded up a grocery cart with approximately $1,000 worth of diapers, body cleansing products and laundry detergent and then exited the store without paying.

As the pair loaded the stolen items into their vehicle, they were approached by store employees, but they then fled the parking lot in the vehicle.

The vehicle is described as an older model white Toyota Camry with no license plate and a broken and taped-over rear passenger side window.

Anyone with information is urged to call 302-366-7110 ext. 404 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

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  • Charyl

    It is just a sign of the times. If these women had a decent job, they would not be stealing in the first place. With prices going up more and more and jobs, if they are available, paying less and less, stealing will increase. Since our government wants to parent this country, they should remember that children lead by example. Stop stealing from us so we can survive. Stop sending our jobs over seas and stop taxing us to death and giving it away to illegal aliens and other countries. Take care of us here in the US. Isn’t that what we pay you for?

    • AtlasObjectivist

      Um… no Charyl, we don’t pay the government so that they can “take care of us.” The main intention of a government in a capitalist democracy is to protect private property. We can take care of ourselves.

      It’s clear to all that this “take care of us” attitude or slave mentality, is what got us in this situation to begin with. It virtually destroyed the American black family.

  • wil

    Self checkout is the easiet way to steal food. I haven’t done it but im pretty sure people have.

  • B. Wooster

    A description of the perps might help to identify them and bring them to justice. Do we know anything else about them, like perhaps their race? Wouldn’t this help narrow down the list of suspects? Why is this not mentioned in the article?

  • Joe Namath

    Hey, Civilrights, you moron, read the article. They didn’t steal food.

  • CivilRights

    Sorry laptop not acting right. They didn’t kill anyone, they didn’t rob a bank, or a clothing store. They stole food. In this country.

  • CivilRights

    Some people in this coutry are hungry.

  • sunshine connie

    $1000 in 1 CART? Not with bulky diapers and laundry products. Booze and meat and perhaps… Or are grocery prices that much higher Delaware???

  • Pat

    People are stealing $300 or more at a time, packing their shopping cart tightly with meats & other expensive groceries, and this is becoming common at many larger stores. They wait until the greeters or clerks are distracted and then push the cart right out the door.

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