BLOG: Delta Launches Luggage Tracker

By Jim Donovan: Delta Air Lines has launched a new online option that allows you to track your checked luggage.

Passengers can follow their bags beginning when they are scanned at check-in, then can see when the bags are loaded on to the plane, and finally learn when the luggage arrives at baggage claim.

You can track your bags by logging on to:

Delta has also announced that it will now refund the fee it charges for checked luggage if the bags are delayed by more than 12 hours.


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  1. designer luggage says:

    Thanks for this good news. It’s great that Delta Launches Luggage Tracker…

  2. Osprey_Knight says:

    How about instead of spending the millions this system, Delta builds and supports a fool-proof tracking system that the airline handlers can actually use to not loose my freaking bags in the first place. Then I won’t have a need to use this stupid system to find out, when I land and the crabby flight attendant lets me turn my phone back on, that my bags were put on a flight going 900 miles in the opposite direction and I will be getting a knock on my hotel room door at 3:37 in the morning from some guy who vaguely resembles the mugshot of a wanted serial killer holding my suitcase asking me to “sign here”. Thanks Delta but I your intentions seem a little misplaced. Fix the root of the problem before spending money to show me how big of a problem it is.

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