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Stigall Show Log 4.22.11

5:43 President Obama has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate cases of gas price gouging.

5:44 Gas stations are experiencing more drive offs without paying.

5:57 The Eagles have defferred season ticket payments until a labor deal is reached.

deseanjackson Stigall Show Log 4.22.11

6:11 A father is being investigated for child endagerment after his son had to pull out two of his teeth with pliers.

6:24 Donald Trump called Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer after Krauthammer called him the Al Sharpton of the G.O.P.

6:46 The National Labor Relations Board has asked a judge to stop Boeing from manufacturing planes at a plant in South Carolina.

boeing 787 Stigall Show Log 4.22.11

7:11 On this week’s Finance Friday, Chris talks to Chris Butler about rising gas prices and oil speculation.

7:41 American Media outlets are sending multiple reporters to cover the Royal Wedding.

william and kate1 Stigall Show Log 4.22.11

8:12 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Beasley Reece about the Sixers and Flyers playoff matchups.

8:43 Donald Trump sent Jerry Seinfeld a blistering letter after Seinfeld pulled out of a charity appearence run by Trump’s son.

8:45 The iPhone and Droid phones constantly track where you are and report it to Apple and Google.

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