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Obama Assigns Task Force To Investigate Soaring Gas Prices

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Gas prices are $4 or more in many areas of the country, including some stations in Philadelphia. Prices in South Jersey are generally below the national average of $3.84, but paying $3.70 for a gallon of regular doesn’t exactly feel like a bargain.

The Obama Administration says it will be on the lookout for fraud or manipulation in energy markets.

There are ways to get more miles out of each tankful.

You don’t have to buy a new car or any special devices. Brian Rehn of the EPA says the key to improving gas mileage is

“Drive sensibly, drive with efficiency in mind,” he says.

Studies over the years have shown conservative driving can improve gas efficiency by 20 percent. The biggest factor is speed. Mileage decreases rapidly over 60 miles per hour. Every 5 miles per hour over 60 you go is like paying 25 cents a gallon more for gas.

Accelerating is another other key factor. Accelerating takes 20 to 50 times more gas than cruising at a steady speed. Roger Clark of the GM energy center recommends setting your speed in traffic so you can coast.

“All vehicles get their most efficient fuel economy when you’re coasting so look ahead and coast as much as possible.”

It will also save you money to keep tires properly inflated, minimize idling to no more than a minute, keep the car turned up and travel light: Empty the trunk of anything you don’t need.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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  • crystalangel336

    You people are idiots. Grasping at straws to try and blame anything on Obama when in reality he has nothing to do with the price of gas.
    obama does not control oil and gas prices .
    congress can raise or lower taxes on them .
    the reason the prices are going up this time , as always , is the zionist agenda of greed of wall street speculators .
    oil & gas journal , wall street journaL , financial times , the economist

    • crystalangel336

      And we all know what political party is more invested in the Wall Street action.

    • johnny99

      I think you need an education. Obama and Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve are printing money like its going out of style. This causes the value of the dollar to drop and the price of oil to rise. It now takes more dollars to buy the oil. Demand hasn’t increased.

    • Spartacus

      When Bush was pres., he got blamed. Now it’s your boy Obama’s turn. “Guess who” is correct and I think you are the idiot if you believe what you read in those liberal rags you refer to as sources.

  • Guess Who

    What a joke! Gas prices are related to oil prices. Ob ongo has essentially shut down offshore oil exploration while subsidizing exploration in Brazil and the construction of a refinery in Colombia.

    The Usurper wants high gas prices. He’s stated it in the past.

  • jht

    Just shows how dumb this administration thinks the American people are.

    • Spatacus

      Almost half of Americans still approve of this idiot. Let’s just hope that the majority can get behind one candidate and kick this arrogant POS to the curb in 2012.

  • Zzbar

    “Obama assigns task force to look into soaring gas prices”. And nothing will be done to bring the prices down. Are you kidding me? The gov is part of the problem with these prices going up. The wars going on are wasting money like it’s toilet paper. OPEC can do anything they want to with gas prices, because they have our Gov and us by the “b—s” (you know what).

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