5:45 With gas prices up to almost $4 a gallon and energy prices rising, one school is using “Power Down Fridays” to save power by leaving all the lights off.

6:20 President Obama touted technological advances during his Facebook town hall yesterday.

obama and zuckerberg2 Stigall Show Log 4.21.11

6:42 Hate crime charges have been filed against the roommate of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers student who committed suicide last fall after being secretly videotaped.

6:57 Participants of the President’s town hall on Facebook didn’t think it was that great.

6:59 A Wall Street Journal Column argues that the President is rallying to his liberal base and doesn’t feel he needs independents anymore.

7:12 The bankruptcy of the Philadelphia Orchestra is being portrayed as a battle against unions.

phila orchestra1 Stigall Show Log 4.21.11

7:42 Chris talks to James Babb, co-founder of We Wont Fly, about protesting the invasive actions of the TSA.

8:41 Chris discusses Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania with Fox News Channel Senior National Correspondent, John Roberts.

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