Sabres Coach Ruff Calls Flyers Whiners

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Sabres coach Lindy Ruff is tired of the Flyers complaining.

Actually, he calls it whining.

Ruff says the Flyers “are really doing a lot of whining” following their 1-0 loss to Buffalo in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series.

Flyers captain Mike Richards was agitated after the loss. He says the Sabres were allowed “to get away with murder” on the ice. That comment triggered Ruff’s complaints about the Flyers.

Ruff says if the Flyers want to cry and complain about the officiating in this series, go ahead.

Meanwhile, game 5 is Friday in Philadelphia.

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One Comment

  1. Dave Hogan says:

    As Charlie Sheen almost said, “Whining, duh!”

  2. sabre chazz says:

    TAgreed. Lindy did complain and whine about it last year and I hated it. My point is this year is different. Sabre are more complete now w/o derek roy. Much more effot, even if the flyers do take it I’m fine because up til january it was lookin’ like we’d have a top 5 pick. The fact is Miller is dead right. Richards is pulling a derek roy by pulling the old “I admit he did it” simply because he has been a useless no-show in this series, except for one pass to zherdev. Talented kid no doubt, but he’s been dominated by Myers. It happens, the kid is 6-8. 235.

  3. Bart275 says:

    I can’t say it swings either way, but the officiating has been terrible. Playoff hockey gets rough, but its the inconsistency that bothers me. Sometimes it’s a call, sometimes it isn’t. Again, can’t say it favors either team ,but it does ruin our viewing experience. To be honest, I half-expected Ruff and Lavi to collaborate on a complaint to the NHL.

  4. Christian says:

    whatever, hes a little girl, he was complaining about game 3 and how the refs were unfair. doesn’t take any genius to see how bias that officiating really was.

    1. Sabre Chazz says:

      Flyers had 15 pps in the first two games. Scored one goal. Mike Richards should only be the captain of the 3rd grade romper room, ’cause he’s acting about that old. I want to see the quotes from your accusation that Lindy was complaining about officiating at ANY point in this series. Mike Richards needs to shut his yapper and score goals. Him missing 5 minutes doesn’t even matter because he’s been M.I.A. in this series and that’s why he’s whining so he can deflect criticism from his poor attitude and poor play this post season. We have a former Kitchener Ranger too (Derek Roy). Roy and Richards were junior teammates. Why do you think we have the best record in the east since Roy went down? The baby is out of the locker room. Now we display toughness as evidenced by out hitting, and out working as opposed to whining like Roy and Richards and Briere do. When Tim Connolly is consistently beating Richards in draws, it’s time to consider a move to the wing.

      1. christian says:

        i was talking about game 3 in the Boston series last year definitely should of specified .Whatever though, win or lose we have the better team. Ryan Millers just an amazing Goalie. you guys ever see when Ruff fight Cochrane. i think this is amazing, got to give him props.

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