The season for boating and Maryland blue crabs go hand in hand. They’ve both gotten started, but storm clouds are looming.

by KYW’s Jay Lloyd  

Boaters standing at the fuel dock today are looking at a $4.75 a gallon price for diesel, and local crabs are just starting to arrive on dockside tables. That part may be the only good news.

(Weldon:) “It’s alarming in thinking we’re going to have a drop off in boaters coming to our restaurant. It’s very alarming.”

Bill Weldon owns the popular Waterman’s Crab House in Rock Hall, Maryland. He has 30 slips so boaters can dock and dine.

But with soaring fuel prices, experience tells him that more boats will be remaining at their home marinas instead of cruising the bay. The good news may be the crab harvest.

(Weldon:) “All indications from watermen and suppliers is that they are anticipating a really good season.”

Crabs were plentiful here last year and Weldon expects this year to be better. So plan your strategy – car pool or boat pool. Or learn the pleasure of almost fuel free sailing. Just don’t miss the crabs.

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