Toddler Dies After Being Hit By Postal Truck In Downingtown

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – A young child has died after being struck by a United States Postal Service truck in Chester County Thursday.

The deadly accident happened at about 9:45 a.m. in the 300 block of Kennedy Drive in Downingtown Borough.

According to police, the 53-year-old driver of the truck was delivering mail to mail boxes on the street when the child was struck. Police say the driver had just delivered mail to a box and was pulling away to proceed to the next box when the two-year-old boy crossed, unseen by the driver, in front of the vehicle.

The little boy was rushed to Paoli Trauma Center where he died from his injuries.

The driver of the truck remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities.

Police say the accident remains under investigation and at this time, no charges are pending.

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One Comment

  1. amy says:

    why cant you guys just leave the family to grieve and STOP bashing them.. accidents happen, they have to deal with enough now… just leave them alone. everyone is looking for somone to blame.. thats what we do.. tryin to blame someone just for it to make a lil bit of sense… but a childs death NEVER makes sense.. but i kno these parents..they loved each of their kids.. so can we all just leave them alone and keep them in your thoughts and prayers??? let them grieve! and i kno everyone that had to open their mouths on this one….well you all have your dirt that you do… soo leave them alone please…

  2. Jessica Navarro says:

    Wow! I have a two year old……………and he is within my arm’s reach when outside, ALWAYS. Children this small don’t understand the risk. Where were this child’s parent’s or caregiver?

  3. Me! says:

    Why was a toddler anywhere near the road? People just don’t watch their kids nowadays. That being said, I do feel badly for everyone involved. Especially the tocdler and the mail carrier.

    1. Ali F. says:

      The boy and his sister Amber were just outside playing in the front yard. The boy must have just ran out accross the street randomly. I know this because I know the family of the boy, and It’s very sad for his sister because she watched it happen. His sister is 9, so I think they thought she would take care of him.

  4. Jean says:

    I am a carrier and very cautious when children are around…that said…where was this childs parents??? You can not put all of the blame on the carrier!! A two year old should never be that close to the road to begin with! My thoughts and prayer to this childs family and to the carrier who is a completely distraught over the loss of a child.

  5. livingston says:

    This is a horrible accident. That said if you have ever driven in upper Bucks county, I can almost guarantee that you have been pushed into the other lane because a mail truck has pulled away from a mailbox without looking first. They pull halfway into the road right in front of anything coming up behind them to get to the next mailbox. If you have the nerve to try to go around them, they just pull out anyway. Many times I have seen our mail carrier pull out without ever looking up first .

  6. Ash says:

    concerned – hope you’re ALL feeling guilty then! This shouldn’t have happened on a street with so many adults!! Shame on you!

  7. sad lession says:

    I understand that accidents happen, but would an adult run into a moving truck…only children do that because they don;t know better. That’s why every adult must watch out and watch children especially those that young. Its’ a sad lession learned……everyone shares a piece of this. I hope that they get proper counselling…..

  8. jaylee says:

    Per official USPS report, another child had ran out in front of the carriers vehicle. The carrier firmly requested the child step back away from the road to a safe distance. While he was very cautiously pulling away, and keeping an eye on that child for safety, the other 2yr old ran out in front of his vehicle and was struck. This employee has 22 yrs of service and never had an accident or an unsafe incident. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your children away from USPS delivery vehicles. There are many blind spots and it is impossible to see a small child around the vehicle. Sending our heartache and sympathy to the families of all involved in this terrible tragedy.

    1. Kate says:

      If he was being so “cautious”, he would’ve looked every which way he could, and pulled out slow as a turtle. This is still negligence on the carrier’s part. If you know children around, you’d better be triple checking in every direction!

      1. Kylie says:

        From as high up as you are in a mail truck, there is NO way you could see something so small way down in front of the truck. Bottom line-as of now, this is an ACCIDENT. Little kids take off, and are so quick. ONE SECOND and they can dash faster and further than one would think is possible.
        This was both carelessness on behalf of the adults in charge of this child, as well as the mail carrier. Life is full of should-haves, would-haves, could-haves. It’s life. It is horrible that this little child passed away, but it happened and it can’t be changed. Hopefully people will read this, and they will take it to heart, and keep a hold of their child’s hand or keep their eyes open a bit better.
        RIP sweet boy, and I hope his family as well as the mail carrier can forgive themselves. Life is about learning, and I’m sure all these people are sick with regret. Losing a child to something like this is a horrible feeling.

      2. Nick Wolf says:

        the child should have not even have been close to the road in the first place.

      3. Howard says:

        Kate you need your head examined because a 2 year old should not be outside without adult supervision. You are the reason that people try nd blame someone else. because of your comment I for one belive that you let other people watch out for your children and them blame them when something terrible happens. WATCH YOUR PEEPS EVERYONE and we would not be writing about this

    2. VA Mo,m says:

      yes, I watched my kids like a hawk when the were small. I also used a tactic to get them to stay out of the road some may find mean…but it worked like a charm.

      When they were old enough to understand I would point out dead animals in the road and tell them “this is what happens when you are hit by a car so please do not ever go across the road without daddy or mommy.” As I said…worked like a charm…..

      One time we were driving my a jogger and my son who was about 3 cried out…doesn’t he know that is dangerous? Was cute but showed how well that tactic stuck.

      1. Va Mom says:

        oops…typos! Meant to say “one time we were driving BY a jogger my son….(sorry about that),

  9. Mrs. Cook says:

    Life isn’t fair and it can be very cruel. I agree with everyone else. You cannot blame yourselves when accidents happen. It’s happens to every one of us even
    if tragedy didn’t result.

    God Bless you all.

  10. Fuzzy_Lugnutz says:

    I can only hope that this child was not playing outside without being watched, as I see that all too often & I worry every time I see a kid playing in their front yard or on the sidewalk because they don’t know well enough to avoid the street or strangers & tragedies like the loss of this 2 year old needlessly happen when parents are too lax. While it’s true that accidents happen, they can often be avoided with common sense. Please teach your kids to stay out of the street, no matter if you live on a highway or dead-end.

  11. Linda says:

    Accidents happen, no one is to blame and I’m sure that little angel would not want all involved to suffer. I hope the father and the driver of the truck seek professional help so they can forgive themselves. It’s nobody’s fault. Please forgive and trust in God.

  12. Mid Nite says:

    Very sad. No one should place blame. My thoughts and prayers to the family of the toddler as well as the postal worker.

  13. Nostromo says:

    No, no, no. This little soul shall not know his third Summer. I’ve had 55 summers and I think of the living that I have done between the age of two and the present day then think of this child’s life cut-short. May that Almighty God be holding his tiny hand this moment.

  14. concerned says:

    for your information we live on a dead end street and it was loaded with kids and adults. please think before you just place blame.

    1. SEA says:

      So if there were so many adults then how did this happen? If people would watch their chhildren more carefully then these kind of things would happen less often

    2. Ash says:

      The blame should be placed on every adult on that street!

    3. Tim Hawkins says:

      Being a former postal employee, I can tell you that this is our worst nightmare. The truck’s have a lot of mirrors on them to help us see around the truck but you just cant see everything all at the same time. We have all had training before we were allowed to drive the postal trucks. But training can only help so much. You parents need to keep your kids away from the mail trucks. I cant count how many times a parent will see the mail truck coming down the road and will tell a small child to go get the mail. I made a few people mad over the years because I refused to give the mail to kids. What if next time I’m coming down the street and Dad don’t see me but the kid does ??? I don’t need to tell you what will happen next , you can read it above in this story. Only by the grace of God this never happened to me.

    4. Vanessa Scalia says:

      Well if it was loaded with adults there should of been someone looking out for the 2yr old.

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