Roommate Hit With Bias Charge In Rutgers Suicide

PISCATAWAY, NJ (CBS) – A North Jersey teen is charged with a hate crime stemming from the suicide last September of his roommate at Rutgers University.

The 15-count indictment smacks charges of bias intimidation on Dharun Ravi — saying he invaded the privacy of the 18-year-old with whom he shared a dorm — knowing the freshman would be intimidated because he was gay.

Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge to his death after authorities say Ravi spied on his sexual encounter with another man and posted it online.

Steven Goldstein is chairman of the civil-rights group Garden State Equality.

“We believe the book should be thrown at Mr. Ravi for a heinous, heinous crime,” Goldstein said.

The bias charge carries a five-to-10 year prison term. Ravi’s lawyer has said the webcam stream was viewed only on one computer and did not show the men having sex.

In a statement, Clementi’s family calls Ravi’s alleged acts “cold” and “calculated” and says they’re eagerly awaiting justice for their son.

Reported By Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Mac says:

    This is NOT a hate crime. Just because the kid felt guilty about his lifestyle to commit suicide is not the defendant fault. Sounds to me like the prosecution is just trying to forward the LGBT agenda.

  2. Eric M says:

    Doesn’t the party with whom he had sex have any responsibility whatsoever here? Maybe the other party took advantage of a vulnerable young man and that played a role Tyler’s suicide?

  3. jojo says:

    I think the prosecution is going to have a hard time proving intent but thats why you file several counts so you can get him on something

  4. Jon D. says:

    everyone has made valid points. @ Harry i agree with you to a point. there are things that you should be able to keep from your roomate and not worry that they will fish for damaging information. I feel that that Tyler had a lot more going on in his mind and this might have just been the thing the tipped the scales towards his suicide. But i do not know if i can hold the roomate completely responsible. I feel that a better sentence would be to have Tyler do mandatory volunteer work for 5 years for an equality charity.

  5. ryan w says:

    This is ridiculous, guys do this with there straight friends/people and stream the video or put it on the internet but becuase this kid was gay they want to go after him like he murdered a 4 yr old child.

  6. Sandy K says:

    If YOUR room mate was WEBCASTING your private sexual encounters without your knowledge, I think you’d feel your PRIVACY had been INVADED!

    1. Glen H says:

      @ Sandy : I would feel that my “PRIVACY had been INVADED”, but I wouldn’t run out and jump off a bridge. Was the guy wrong for taping and possibly casting the encounter, sure. But it isn’t his fault that the kid was dumb enough to take his own life. He should be held accountable for his stupidity, not the stupidity of others.

  7. Harry Clark says:

    I don’t know how you can invade the privacy of a room mate.

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