Philadelphia (CBS) – Let’s see what you have in the garden to decorate your holiday table. A handful of blooming bulbs is quick and easy. Cut daffodils short, put them in a low vase in the middle of a bowl surrounded by marshmallow chicks, chocolate eggs and jelly beans – it’s a cute centerpiece that doubles as dessert.

If you have pansies in outdoor planters, dig out a few and put them in a pretty line of pots or extra tea cups to line your table. (You can just plant them back outside later, they won’t mind a bit.)

For a fun way to display your decorated eggs, cut a patch of green grass out of your lawn exactly the size of the platter you want to put it on, then nestle your eggs on that. After the meal, replace the sod in your yard and it’ll soon reattach to the soil.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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