Tax Day Draws Protests From Both Sides Of The Political Aisle

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– Two groups far apart on the political spectrum protested during the noon hour less than two blocks apart.

“Make them pay!”

The chant outside a Bank of America branch at 16th and JFK was aimed that those big firms that demonstrators contend aren’t pulling their weight.

Mark Stier of Penn Action said, “It’s unfair. On a day when everyone in America, every citizen, is paying their fair share of taxes, we’re saying it’s time for the corporations to do so as well.”

These folks say if corporate taxation was equal to individual taxation, it would bring in billions. “At least ten corporations that we know of and probably hundreds more than haven’t paid their taxes and have also received tax refunds while there are many people like me that are unemployed, homeless,” said Move-On’s Steve Nathan.

taxday2 ost Tax Day Draws Protests From Both Sides Of The Political Aisle

Libertarian Aaron Proctor addresses a crowd of Tea Party Patriots. (Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Tea Party Patriots held forth just outside City Hall with signs like “It’s the Spending, Stupid!”

Diana Reimer was among them. “We are pushing for change in Philadelphia,” Reimer said. “The DROP program needs to go.  It is not business-friendly, at all.  The only way to make Philadelphia better is to bring businesses here and keep the businesses that are here.”

Libertarian Aaron Proctor (pictured, left) said the city discourages businesses like his, “And it’s not just about who’s paying taxes, who’s not paying taxes.  I think it’s about making a stronger business environment in Philadelphia.”

Proctor says that the new law encouraging hiring of ex-cons is anti-business.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. OK Lets Be Fair says:

    The budget can be balanced if we had more people paying taxes. So heres an idea, stop taxing the rich excessively who create the jobs and allow them to employ people in the US instead of taking the jobs to India.

    Then we can create a flat tax where every taxpayer pays the same which then will allow more money to flow. Or better yet, a consumption tax. I am sure the rich buy more expensive things so then they would be required to pay more taxes anyways.


    I could be wrong but didn’t Obama benefit from the “loophole” when he completed his taxes?

    We have an administration who cries to the American population for service and donations and then they themselves do not contribute to charities (see Joe Biden).

    We hear about social organizations being cut out and how they need the money but when people look closer, they discover that an organization like Planned Parenthood was in a surplus last year and spent millions on lobbying. There is no reason for federal money to be spent on that and if a state chooses to, they can fund them. Furthermore, most social organizations that people think are so great should be able to survive on donations from the public.

    Philadelphia has raised property taxes, sales tax, business taxes. They WILL pass a soda tax. There is no end in site but for a city who is cash strap and struggling, they had no problem giving a police commissioner a raise. They have no issues having a large city payroll for a government that can be privitize in so many areas.

    We have a strugging school system that has been taking over by the state. So, now the schools are funded by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and not just Philadelphia. What is worse, the teachers who were once only city employees, are now state workers who are rewarded with lifetime benefits. This must be stopped. We need to end this and award school vouchers so students can excel and not have a residence in a jail cell. LESS MONEY IS SPENT ON SCHOOL FOR 12 YEARS THAN AN INCARCERATED PRISIONER FOR ONE YEAR.

    Call the Tea Party whatever you want to call them but remember that they are fiscal conservatives who want the peoples money in the peoples pocket. Tax Day is the biggest scam the government has been getting away with for the past 100 years. People are happy with refunds but fail to realize that the government just borrowed your money and did not pay you interest on it. If you overpay one year, why has the government not fixed the problem so that you do not overpay the following year? Because then they cannot hold your money at their will. They cannot spend it at will. They cannot collect interest on it. And then they give it back to you and you are happy you have a refund. IT WAS YOUR MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. When are we as a nation going to stand up and ask them for the interest that we lost in bank accounts or the interest we got stuck paying on bills because more money was taking from our checks then what was necessary?

    But this is why the nation is failing because we allow simple minded people in office who get over on other simple minded individuals. Open up your eyes and clear your heads. It right there in front of everybody. We can take back what is ours if comments like “STUPID TEABAGGERS” arent written.

  3. Barbara says:

    Best to get your facts right. We are and have not asked for Loop holes as you call it. We are want fiscal responsibility and limited government. Maybe you want us to be communistic because that is the road we are headed for. No more FREEDOM, Linda. Think about it.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Have you ever traveled to Europe? Studied economics? In a court of law where evidence and precedence count you have no case. Blind emotion is not proof.

  5. Linda D Bryant says:

    Only when they are forced to pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes will the deficit be lowered and maybe the budget BALANCED!!!!!


  6. Linda D Bryant says:

    only when they are forced to pay their FAIR SHARE

  7. Linda D Bryant says:

    The STUPID TEABAGGERS want the deficit paid up yet they still want their

    Only when they are forced to pay their FAIR SHARE

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