Republicans Challenge Carl Lewis’ New Jersey Residency

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Republicans challenged Carl Lewis’ state Senate candidacy, saying the nine-time Olympic medalist hasn’t lived in New Jersey for the required four years.

Lewis has lived and voted in California until recently, the GOP said.

Lewis said he owns two homes in New Jersey, including one in Medford that was purchased in 2005.

“Doesn’t matter,” GOP attorney Mark Sheridan says of Lewis’s New Jersey addresses. “He’s been voting in California. And under California law, that makes him a resident of California. He can’t be a resident of New Jersey at the same time.”

A response from Lewis’s lawyers was expected later Monday.

The former track star said he transferred his voter registration last Monday, the same day he officially declared his candidacy as a Democrat in the state’s 8th District.

The 49-year-old political novice grew up in Willingboro, N.J.

The GOP filed a complaint to New Jersey Secretary of State Kim Guadagno, asking that Lewis’ name be pulled from the primary ballot.

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One Comment

  1. Gerald Seinfeld says:

    Ash – I don’t run for public office in a state I’ve never stepped foot in, just to spite its residents. The public must trust its leaders. A king would try to walk into NJ, only to eventually get his ass kicked, along with all of his followers.

    Ash – Statements like “you know nothing” and “who made you king” make you sound like another ghetto, undisciplined, angry thug who can’t debate the issues and relies on vain, unsophisticated threats of violence to accomplish her goals.

  2. AshannaK says:

    Mr Seinfeld: Who died and made you King? Maybe – I say, Maybe – Mr. Lewis was not aware of the law. Maybe there are other factors of which you know nothing. Regardless if he is allowed to run or not, at least he wants to do something. What have you done lately that allows you to criticize? Mr. Lewis is more of an example than you will ever be.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld says:

    Carl Lewis hasn’t been a resident of NJ for 4 minutes. When he isn’t busy gambling at the Philadelphia Parx casino, he is out with his entourage traveling from Delaware to Florida. He has no connection to NJ and is running just to spite the system and its residency requirement. SHAME ON YOU CARL! OLYMPIC ATHLETES WIN BY FOLLOWING THE RULES! WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU?

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