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Police: Wandering Boy’s Family Comes Forward

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police say relatives of a little boy found wandering in Frankford have come forward. But the little boy will not be spending the night at home.

The Special Victims Unit say the boy’s mother, grandmother and uncle came into the station Monday evening after an aunt saw a picture of four-year-old Mark on the news.

Police say preliminary reports indicate that the grandmother was watching the toddler in the morning. He woke up and went into her bedroom, and she told him to go back to bed. When the grandmother woke up later, the boy was gone. But police say the grandmother wasn’t worried, thinking his mother had picked him up.

It was around 9 a.m. when officers saw Mark walking on Bridge Street between Darrah and Lesher.

Officers took him to Special Victims and then he was turned over to the Department of Human Services.

The District Attorney’s office will review the case and determine if the little boy can return home.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. GoodMan says:

    I knew this boys father. This young man has it tough. His father(who was like a brother to me) is dead RIP, his mother is clueless, and a drunk, dont know the grandmom on the moms side, but the grandmom on the dads side isnt in any better shape. She is a drug addict. My friend(the father) is dead because he was a drug addict who got high with his mom. so if the baby is with the gmom from the dads side will she also get him high? i hate the DHS system, but it may be better in this situation. I just wish they kept there word of making me the godfather.

    1. Good Woman says:

      I am sure the grandmother on the dads side isnt the only one who can take care of this lil guy!!!!

    2. good woman says:

      And unless you know the whole family on Mark’s side….Maybe you should keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh,,,And by the way,,,,,,Lil Mark has an awsome godfather!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jay w says:

    the people probably were junkies and the grandmom should have got her but out of bed before 9am if she is watching a child. that section of philly stinks with drugs and violence the parents were happy the cops took the kid it gave them a free baby sitter for the night.

  3. NJ says:

    Good news for a change


    Are all of you serious?!!!I mean yes there should be some type of punishment for the grandmother but to say take this baby away from his family is a bit much don’t you think?Do you know what happens to children who are put into our city’s DHS system?!!!They are abused,drugged,molested and some are even killed.What happened to this child was wrong but we only know half of the story and for you people to jump to conclusions and say that he should be taken form his family have no idea what you are suggesting.
    What is wrong with a child under 10 over 7 going to the store if the store is on the corner of the block they live on?I have sent my daughter to the store plenty of times I see nothing wrong with sending a child to the store.How many times has your mother sent you to the store when you were a child?I believe that the parents need to have some help with this lil boy.The help that they need does not need to come from the city or the state since they are the ones who are druggin children.Think before you write something judgeing someone’s parental abilities.

  5. Lauren Gee says:

    am happy that the little boy is home with this family

  6. real says:

    why is it that the police can stop any vehicle they want ticket people for things like headlights but on a daily basis i see children clearly under 10 years old walking to stores etc why not start pulling over putting the kid in the car ask where he lives take him home and arrest the parents for endangering the welfare of a child i think its about time people consider that

    1. Mom of 3 free range kids says:

      What’s wrong with kids under 10 walking? Sheesh.

      1. melissa gregorich says:

        I agree with REAL it’s about time the police do something about this. what if something would happen to your child under 10 walkingsomewhere and something would happen . This is a crazy world and city ..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Take this Angel from the people who were ‘supposed’ to be responsible for him and give him to a family who will care for him and Love him like he’s supposed to be. And those responsible for this should do time. This is an outrage.

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