Air Traffic Controllers Bring To Light Problem Of Sleep Deprivation In America

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You don’t have to be an air traffic controller or the Vice President of the United States, to feel the effects of sleep deprivation. Some commuters in Center City shared their stories Friday morning.

If you want to stay sharp, you need your eight hours of sleep, right?  But many people say eight hours is a luxury they can’t afford.

“Unfortunately, I’m not getting enough sleep. I average about three to four hours a night. On a good night, maybe five to six hours,” Sharon said while waiting for a bus. “While I’d love to think that it’s not affecting my job performance, I think there are times during the day that I feel a little bit not as alert — not as keen as I could be.”

Clara, who works as a therapy manager at a hospital, gets about five hours a night.

“Oh, I definitely need more… that’s what this coffee’s for!  It’s a grande!”

Clara was one of many commuters carrying a cup of Joe, no doubt in an effort to chemically counteract that sleepy feeling.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. anders norsman says:

    Any one who falls alsleep on the job should be FIRED. People who work on ships work 6 hours on 6 hours off. Around the clock for months on end.

  2. Stephanie Palmer says:

    Sleep deprivation was one of the primary reasons the air traffic controllers went on the illegal strike back just before Reagan fired them and replaced them. You would think since it’s been over 25 years since that happened, that they would have gotten a decent scheduler. Duh!

  3. hadenoughuc says:

    Well they keep working people longer harder hours,there’s no time for family and kids most people are just too tired.if the pays were better they could work less and have family time ,kids would listen better and such……

  4. Lets get serious says:

    This is a silly discussion. Sleep deprivation the cause of poor job performance, and putting others at risk. What’s next for the excuse makers….I didn’t have my twinkies today.

    Many brave military personnel around the world, ER doctors, students, and others get their jobs done without notice, while these goofoffs continue to put lives at risk and the silly press prints a story like this. Lets write a stroy about the poor press folks who stayed up making the deadline for this story.

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