Young Boy Critical After Being Hit While Crossing Roosevelt Boulevard

PHILADELPHA (CBS) – A young boy is in critical condition after being struck by a car Thursday morning on the Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

The accident happened at about 8 a.m. in the northbound lanes of the Boulevard at Whitaker Avenue when police say the child was heading to school. He normally takes the bus to school, but police say he walked.

According to police, Jeff Bienaime, the seven-year-old boy, was crossing the inner lanes against the traffic light with a friend when he was struck by a small car.

Bienaime was rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children where he is listed in very critical condition after sustaining injuries to his head and upper body. His friend was not injured. Police say the driver of the SUV stopped at the scene.

Witnesses say the driver did not have a chance to get out of the way and that it happened so suddenly.

Bienaime is in the first grade at the Thomas Creighton Elementary School where the staff is preparing counselors for students.

“It is very sad that it happened and the boulevard is very unsafe,” said one parent. “They need to have crossing guards at all intersections.”

The accident remains under police investigation and no charges were immediately filed.

Earlier this week, a pregnant woman and her unborn child died after being struck by a motorcycle while crossing the Boulevard only miles north from today’s crash.

Reported By Al Novack, KYW Newsradio 1060 and Steve Beck,, Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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  1. Bob says:

    THe parents or adult responsible should be fined and DYFS should look into this. I have twin 6-year olds, and I have taught them to always stop and look both ways before crossing the PARKING LOT to the car. When they don’t, they get punished. Parents just aren’t responsible these days. That is the problem with the world-no one takes personal responsibility. I feel so bad for that poor person who was driving-he’she now has to live with this, even though it was not his/her fault.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    People drive entirely too fast on the blvd. I hate to drive on it let alone cross it. I don’t think the driver was in the wrong. The little boy probably doesn’t even know how to cross the street properly. He saw that no cars were coming at the time a tried to cross the street. It actually sounds like the little boy was probably a latch key kid, missed the bus and tried to make it to school on time and sadly got hit by a car on the way.
    Very sad story.

  3. SV says:

    Why in the WORLD is a little first grader crossing Roosevelt with a little friend by themselves?! There are car dangers, kidnapping dangers…who knows…that is WAY WAY too young to allow to walk to school alone in our day in age, especially if you have to cross a busy street. Where are parents these days?!

    1. Les South says:

      I RECALL WHEN I Was Seven Year’s old ,and got hit by a Car. That was very Painful .I Wish this Little Boy a Speedy Recovery.I Was Talking To South Philly Cowboy a older Marine ,A Black Guy ‘ He Said ; That the City Should Build Big Walkway over the Roosevelt Boulevard . I Throught that was a great ideal .Also I Think the Speeder on That Highway Should pay Triple The Fines on the Roosevelt Blvd -just to Many People getting Hurt ,and Killed on That Highway.It’s up to you Philadelphians.A Friend Les South

  4. LorieZ says:

    Hey Real…..were you ever 7 years old? He’s little more than a baby and far from punk teenager. Hope he’s ok and his friends aren’t traumatized from seeing it and the lady that accidentally hit him can remember that it WAS an ACCIDENT. good lick to all of them… and REAL…get off your soap box duh!

  5. kess77 says:

    It is a real shame that a 1st grader is running through traffic on the boulevard in order to get to school in the morning…should have never of happened!!! Parents need to be responsible for there children. On another note anyone whom drives the boulevard knows that people…especial teens who know better…don’t care if cars are coming a lot of the time and will strut across the intersection when the light is red from them! This is idiotic!!! Cars literally slow down and slam on the brakes inorder to avoid hitting these ignorant kids. My prayers go out to the family of the 7yr old boy, but I think there should be cops along the blvd knocking some sense into these obviously not to bright kids!

  6. mike in Philly says:

    Let’s all pray to God for a recovery for the boy, it’s in God’s hands now either way.. I agree with some of the others, why are 7 year olds crossing on the boulevard without supervision?? the boulevard is a rough place to be, I hate to drive on it and go other ways if I have to go through that area…

  7. joe says:

    Worthless parents.

  8. itz says:

    This is a 7 year old. Stop the BS with punks and whadda, shoudda malarkie. His missed the bus, where are the parents? I wouldn’t leet my kid cross the street at 7 years old in front of my house, and yet, this child is crossing Roosevelt Blvd, US Route 1. Where are the parents?

  9. Shelby says:

    The speed limit on the Boulevard needs to be lowered. A lot of the Drivers, yes some of you drivers reading this need to stop COMPLETELY AT RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS. Some of you think you are better than God Himself and think you don’t have to stop at red lights. The City also needs to get crossing guards back on the streets. Apparently our tax dollars don’t go to anything that can help save lives. I agree if the child is only 7 a parent should have been walking him or her to school. I hope the child survives.

    1. Kate says:

      I agree with you, but in this case the kid ran out into traffic when traffic had a green light, not a red light, so it has nothing to do with stopping at a red light. There is an article on somewhere that gives a more detailed account of happened. He should have waited until there was a red light and it was safe to cross. I feel terrible for both the kid and the driver.

    2. real says:

      o yes our tax dollars get used to put money in the police commisioners pockets while brown outs and pot holes fill the city, no one plows side streets, and im still trying to figure out how john street was even given a city job after being the mayor who sat in line for an iphone while the country was in recession but im just a worthless citizen

    3. real says:

      so 40 isnt low enough ? so it should take me all day to get home from work because idiots dont know how to cross a street because they are about as smart as a box of rocks? lighten up i hope the kid is ok but have you been out in this city lately…nothing but punks daring fate to punish them, and if this kid recovers how long do u think the parents will walk him to school? if at all..point blank the driver should be let go no questions asked because in all honestly i wouldnt leave my cell phone in my car while i go into a store if u let a 7 year old walk the streets let alone cross them u need to be locked up and have your head examined

    4. markspin says:


  10. GaryB says:

    I hope the injured child has a full and speedy recovery. That said, the real tragedy is that a 7yo child had to cross the blvd without an adult. The parent(s) of that child should be looked at by Child Services, but sadly, they will sue the driver and get paid for shirking their resonsibility of keeping their children safe.

    1. Sandy says:


      1. real says:

        agreed…dont you know all you have to do is have reprodutive organs to have kids now a days …buts its all because the media calls everything a tragedy instead of saying people need to wake the hell up and learn how to be an upstanding citizen, they dont focus on the parents never do , even the girls they found in kensington..always a tragedy no one says why did they or their families allow them to be in a neighborhood they didnt belong but the families always show up to cry for the camera… the girl beaten outside of traffic court the news interviews witnesses and they all have descriptions of what they saw but the news never says , well why didnt YOU do anything but watch since you seen it all ? a bunch of clowns and animals in this city just like the circus

    2. SV says:

      I think there are enough witnesses to assure the driver is without fault. I hope! What a tragedy all around.

  11. real says:

    how about this one….cross at the light…stop when its red…stop acting like punks like no one will hit you…..look both ways,, i wouldnt want anyone to be harmed but is it a “tragedy” when someone does something stupid? i say it everyday when i see morons running across the blvd while traffic is coming, they dont care yet its a tragedy if i hit them but what about the driver who follows the rules and these kids jump out in traffic, thats tragic a driver now traumatized for life for what, following the rules …if you think im wrong go out and watch these kids up there dont care they walk across like they own the street and what are you gonna do about it…now they see what could happen …thats life

    1. real says:

      maybe a couple hours a day away from pulling over people with bad tail lights and the police could help, but i guess thats impossible since they need those tickets to pay the extra 60000 we gave the comish for standing in front of no bullets while real cops are getting shot at or are so broke their selling drugs and getting involved in crime…but what do i know, the citizens get ignored but MILTON STREET has the answers i guess lol

    2. JC says:

      agreed real….100%

    3. markspin says:

      Hey real…GET REAL!!!!, THE KID IS 7…

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