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Former Police Inspector Castro Breaks Down On Witness Stand, Admits Role In Extortion

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In stunning and emotional testimony, former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro admits he took part in a series of strong armed extortion attempts, and later lied about it when confronted by the FBI. The defense claims he was entrapped.

An emotional Daniel Castro quickly broke down on the witness stand, initally denying he took money from informant and friend Rony Moshe.

But later, during questioning by prosecutor Louis Lappen he admitted taking money after agreeing to multiple strong armed extortions (see related story).

According to a grand jury indictment, Carlos Daniel Castro, 47, a commander from the traffic division and former police inspector, is accused of hiring a “collector” to use threats of violence and violence to collect $150,000 that he allegedly was owed from a debtor following a unsuccessful real estate investment.

Walt Hunter reports…

Castro is also charged with lying to the FBI during the investigation.

If convicted, he faces 80 years in jail and a two million dollar fine.

Castro initially plead not guilty and the defense claims he was entrapped.

The former police inspector will be back on the witness stand Friday morning.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio

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  • CAPS

    Affirmative action at its best . Yet I scored a 100% and was turned down because I was a white male. Yet the same day they were hiring people with scores of 80 and below because of their race. Yea thats fair ….

  • mr johnson

    This is not police corruption, it’s criminal activity that has nothing whatsoever to do with his position in the police department – except that if an auto mechanic or a plumber had done the same thing, it wouldn’t even be in the news.

  • Thomas Olde City

    It’s unbelievable! Almost daily we read stories of Philadelphia Police corruption, almost daily! Yet somehow we are supposed to respect them, submit to them and believe their testimony. I’m sorry, it’s over, listen up Tea Partiers, there has got to be a better way to patrol our neighborhoods than these guys. Abuse of power, theft, brutality, excessive force, lying, it’s gotten very bad. They do it with a badge and gun.

  • Zzbar

    “he admitted taking money after agreeing to multiple strong armed extortions”. “Castro has pleaded not guilty” I’m confused !!

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