By Beasley Reece

I didn’t know what to expect thursday night when I entered the Flyers locker room after their game one loss to Buffalo. Ryan Miller whitewashed the Fly Guys with his 35 saves performance. His only other playoffs shutout came against the Flyers back in 2006.  That one was a 3-0 decision in game 5 of the eastern quarters.

Back to the locker room.

The Flyers offered the usual jock-speak. The goalie was the exception. It wasn’t so much what he said through his interpreter, it was the way he said it.  Bob said we’ve just begun.  The look in his sweat drenched eyes was one of calm and confidence. The rookie was telling us not to panic.  Its game one of seven and the best team will win through that long test. 

As I write im watching the Well Fargo Center Crew change over the floor from Ice to indoor turf for the Soul.  Then we will watch the Sixers tackle the Heat before gathering back here to see the Flyers and Sabres round two. 

Throw in Roy Oswalt in game one across the street against the Marlins and Wow!

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