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Pennsylvania Man Charged With DUI On Bicycle

CARLISLE, Pa. (AP) — A central Pennsylvania man is behind bars after police say he was biking under the influence.

North Middleton Township police say 23-year-old Benjamin Edwards had a blood alcohol content of 0.30 when he was stopped on his bicycle Monday night. The legal limit for drivers in Pennsylvania is 0.08.

Investigators say the Carlisle man tried to run away from emergency medical workers and resisted arrest. Authorities say he also refused medical treatment when transported to a hospital.

Edwards remains jailed on charges including driving under the influence, resisting arrest and public drunkenness. His bail was set at $65,000.

Carlisle is about 100 miles west of Philadelphia.

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One Comment

  1. rob says:

    Funny, this guy gets $65k bail but the university of del. student caught with $50k work of weed gets $32k bail…..silly country we live in

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ hadenoughuc: Uhhhh, yes they should be treated the same because they are vehicles. Ok. Let’s try this. What happens, or what COULD happen if a drunk person operates a bicycle, or is on skates, or say is on a skate board, swerviging in and out of traffic, and a car and an 18 wheeler near misses the drunk? This could very easily cause a very bad accident because people are swerving to avoid the drunk, or he could be hurt or killed by any number of other vehicles he’s sharing the road with. A drunk person on wheels of ANY kind is a menace and a dangerous thing and will put other peoples’ lives in danger because of his actions. So, it’s not about how heavy a vehicle is. It’s about how well the person is in control of said vehicle. And a drunk cannot control himself, nor can he control a vehicle.

    1. EW says:

      Your argyement can be made for a walking drunk as well. Charge him with Public Drunkenness , not DUI…… It’s far more responsible to be on a bike then driving a car.

  3. hadenoughuc says:

    it should not be treated the same as a vehicle .it cannot do the same damage .they should have dwb =drunk while bikeing Iwb =intoxicated while bikeing ect .no 2 are the same ,nor should they be trated the same a car is say 2000 LBS on up he driving a 50 LBS bike .ya can not treat them the same …..

  4. pete brown says:

    just come come to manayunk on the weekends ,everything goes. Its like going to an island resoort

  5. Anonymous says:

    If it transports you from one place to another,it’s a ‘vehicle’. Bicycle, skates, covered wagon = vehicles. And if you are under the influence while operating any of them, you should be charged and fined. And if he was a drunk as Joey McKeever says, then I agree that he needs to be harshly punished.

  6. Kelly W. says:

    How can he be charged twice for the same thing?
    A 65K bail is rediculous when he is not a threat to society, he is just a threat to himself. Murderers and rapists’ bail isn’t set that high, why is his?
    According to the law, roller skates and skate boards are vehicles, too, and that’s incredibley stupid also.

  7. Tom Chubb says:

    I live near Philly, where they just put in bike lanes. If bikers want equal rights it comes with equal responsibilities. As a pedestrian, I have almost gotten hit by cyclists who ignore stop signs and red light.

    1. Philly Cyclist says:

      Amen. I’m a bicyclist who follows the traffic laws, and I get so annoyed with my fellow cyclists doing dumb stuff just because they have a helmet on their head which they apparently think makes them invincible. I have almost been killed due to cyclists flying at me going the wrong way in my bike lane. When they have another bike lane going the correct way on the other side of the street. If you wanna play in the streets, you gotta play by the rules.

      Not to say I think most cyclists are like this. I think most are not. But I do think we need an education campaign or something.

      This is a hilarious story.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I totally agree with you. There DOES need to be some kind of bicycle etiquette campaign because people on ANY kind of cycle need to be educated on how to behave around other vehicles as well, and especially, pedestrians. Good idea!!

  8. Joey McKeever says:

    are you people insane or just plain stupid? he had a .30 BAC! do you have any concept of how drunk he must have been! most of us wouldnt even be able to stand up at that point let alone ride a bike. this clown must have been weaving in and out of traffic putting pedestrians and motorists at risk! its all fun and games until he rides over your mom while she is walking out of a store or he crosses into your path and you swerve to avoid him and you strike another motorists! then, you would be singing a different tune! for the record, im not a cop but this is exactly why i feel bad for their profession….they lock this clown up and the circus defends him! get a clue, people!

  9. Bill Stephens says:

    What’s odd about the PA DUI law is that you can be driving anything wheeled – or riding an animal such as a horse! What I feel is illegal about the DUI law is that someone can be charged with DUI-controlled substance even though no such consumption has occurred for several weeks. That’s right – if you are a daily marijuana smoker, you can still have metabolites in your system for up to 30 days after you stop smoking pot, and you can be charged with DUI-controlled substance if you have any trace in your system. At least Colorado has a definitive limit which shows actual intoxication.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with the $65,000 bail, but, I do agree that he should not have been ‘operating’ a moving vehicle while under the influence. And yes, a bicycle is, in fact, a ‘vehicle’. It’s just not a ‘motorized’ vehicle. I do agree, however, that for his own safety and for the safety of others, he should have been taken to the tank to sleep it off and maybe given a nice little ‘fine’.

  11. Joe says:

    I know someone who got a speeding ticket while riding their bicycle.

  12. AM Lisowski says:

    Bored police in Carlisle? Send them to Camden.

  13. Larry says:

    You ride a bike, you don’t drive it. This is crazy. And $65,000 bail!!!!!!!! The judge should be arrested because he had to be on something as well.

  14. Can i have a drink and move my lawn?

    1. tommyboy says:

      You can probably mow it but moving it will require heavy equipment so no.

  15. Brian says:

    So the guy does the right thing and doesn’t drive, and they send him to jail anyway. Nonsense. If he had been driving a car, he probably never would have got caught. What kind of message does that send?

  16. mike says:

    i say the DUI law is too strict about the .08 level …. .08 is not drunk, but this guy was .30 …. and i’m no fan of this states laws, but that being said, if you are seriously drunk and riding a bicycle there is the possibility of riding out in front of a car and possibly making that car swerve and maybe kill someone or themselves, so yes it is very dangerous to himself and others.

  17. RandyHorizon says:

    This is another example of the police preying on citizens for money. Driving a car drunk is dangerous to everyone, but on a bicycle the only danger is to the person riding the bike. How long we will stand by and allow our polic to target citizens for their money? The police are supposed to protect us, not prey on us for money!

  18. Milton Street says:

    $65,000 bail…lmao This is AWESOME!!!!

  19. sjs says:

    since when is there a law about alchohol consumtion and riding a bicycle?!?!?! this is insanity

    1. Milton Street says:

      A DUI is a DUI whether it’s in a car, on a bike, a boat or whatever.. Anyone that drinks and drives and gets caught should do time

      1. mke linnane says:

        yeah right a dui is the result of driving under the influence while operating a licensed motor vehicle. you dont need a license to ride a bicycle.. and no motor.

        you do the math.. a good lawyer will get the dui dropped

      2. Josh says:

        Even if he was drunk “driving” a bike i dont see that as a major risk to anybody else but himself.. Now how about the police stop wasting time with nonsense like this and catch the very abundant swerving drunk drivers i see every other night before they actually harm someone?

    2. Milton Street says:

      Know the law fool before commenting

  20. terry says:

    Once again the hand of the nanny state has over reached its authority

    1. Paul says:

      The moral of the story is don’t resist arrest. Do that and they will come up with all sorts of charges, which will stick. If he cooperated he would have only gotten disorderly conduct.

      1. Kevin Logan says:

        And what makes you think he wasn’t resisting the “Driving” Under the Influence while “riding” a bicycle. I think I’d resist an arrest of something I wasn’t doing as well. What if the officer was charging him for prostitution because he was drunk on a bicycle. Makes about as much sense to me. Unless Pennsylvania has passed some kind of “Drunk Bicycling” law I don’t know about, I think the charges of DUI have obviously got to be dropped and charges to the officer are in order for making a false arrest which obviously brought on the argument and hence the “Resisting Arrest” charge. The whole story smells of police harassment. At least the guy wasn’t behind some over sized SUV plowing into pedestrians for god sakes. And why will they come up with “all sorts of charges, which will stick”? Why would they stick, because the police said so. Sounds like justice in the good o’ US of A.

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