Gov. Christie Offers Legislation To Remake Education In New Jersey

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – New Jersey governor Chris Christie has sent the state legislature a seven-bill package aimed at reforming education in the Garden State, with the emphasis on teacher performance and local control.

Christie has put to paper what he’s talked about all along:  setting up district tenure reviews. Under his proposal, if a teacher gets three good reviews, he or she gets tenure. But one really bad one, and the teacher loses it.

“Teachers in New Jersey should be held to the same standards of accountability that everybody else is held to in their job,” the governor told reporters today at the statehouse.

wollmer steve njea side madden Gov. Christie Offers Legislation To Remake Education In New Jersey

(NJEA spokesman Steve Wollmer.)

Layoff rules and school assignments would also change under Christie’s plan, and good teachers would be paid more that mediocre ones.

Steve Wollmer (right), a spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association, which represents the teachers, suggests that much of the governor’s plan is based on bad assumptions.

“Teachers can’t control a lot of the factors that go into student test scores,” he notes by way of example, “and really, the research says don’t proceed with a system that says you’re gonna make high stakes personnel decisions based on student test scores.”

Under the governor’s plan, student test scores would only be half the grade. The rest would come from in-class evaluations twice a year.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. fdafda says:

    Welcome to the real world teachers.

  2. Mary says:

    Sounds like he is trying to fix things now that he knows he promised and never got around to it and then cut the buget for schools and that is why people will not vote for him again but I bet you that is the only reason just as most politicians have done in the past all the lies then they beg for votes again so they can start all over again with more lies just to get in to office. When are people going to learn that unless you are wealthy you are worthless, especially if you do not fit in with the republicans.

  3. The Baby says:

    Christie’s just brilliant! Good Work.

  4. Smart cookie says:

    What a pleasure….Its about time we elected someone with a brain who was actually responsible to the citizens of NJ and worked at balancing our budget instead of just giving these unions whatever they asked. Congratulations Gov. Christie. We love you!

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