The ‘State Of The City’ Is Improving, Report Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia seems to be moving in the right direction on several key indicators, according to a “State of the City” report released Monday.

First the good news: Philadelphia has gained population, more of its citizens have college degrees and employers added thousands of new jobs last year.

The bad news is: unemployment is still higher than the national average and education levels are still lower than most other big cities.

Those are the conclusions in a report by the Pew Trusts’ “Philadelphia Research Initiative.”

Larry Eichel, project director said, “There’s no question the city is moving in the right direction, but obviously the starting point was not a great one, which means there’s a long way to go to get to levels that people might think are good in and of themselves.”

One surprising finding: even though key indicators show improvement over the past two years, a poll of Philadelphians included in the report showed fewer think the city is moving in the right direction and more think it’s on the wrong track than in previous years.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Slogan: “Improve the City …. do not re-elect NutterButter and his cohorts.” Yep. I’d say that slogan’s a WINNER!!

  2. Taxpayer says:

    Probably tourism will improve in the near future – Convention Center and Barnes Exhibit. That will mean jobs. We are still a great college town and recognized for the best lawyers, physicians, sports and cheese steaks (and other food).

    SEPTA needs to get their act together. We live in a time where gas prices and the cost to own a vehicle are going through the ceiling. Yet, officials are doing nothing to help bring suburbanites closer to where the action is.

  3. Pamela Bunting Lewis says:

    Haven’t been to Philadelphia in years but was there yesterday while trying to find Brookhaven from Chester Pike…clearly lost. Beautiful sights though. I had been to Chester.

    Went to Chester as I am a product of Chester. My parents met there. I was concerned over the shootings last Friday night. Drove three hours to get to Chester. Bought the most expensive gas ever there. I thought it would be less with the Sunoco oil fields right there. No so.

    Saw the new Soccer Stadium in Chester. State of the Art! All was in bloom. Saw children at play at two schools and my tensions eased. Good to go and see for yourself sometimes. One park was open that I saw, again all in bloom and green. Many homes had been remodeled and one stone building was really looking good.

    Did not get a hoagie this trip in Chester. The place where I got one the last time gave me too much lettuce and not enough substance. Got one on my way home at another town. Even Harrah’s had no hoagies went I went there last a couple of years ago after it opened. I did find the Third Street Bakery and wanted an eclair has my father and his Mother use to buy. They were closed, Monday.

    Went to the Post Office and bought my stamps for my mailing. Mailed a birthday card to a cousin. The city looked good and I was much relieved to see all things moving forward. The downtown still needs new business. That will come in time now too. And things were beautiful and thriving all the way to Philadelphia as I searched high and low for Brookhaven. Never did find it. But Chester looked good. Will make another trip before long to rediscover Philadelphia.

    Again, saddened by the news of crime and violence especially saddened for the victims, family, and friends of the 10 young people shot at a birthday party in Chester. Hoping for many happy returns to Philadelphia, Chester, and Brookhaven. Found quite a bit more of interest too. Now to break up organized crime so people don’t have to direct you all over Robin Hood’s barn. Two people were most helpful. Happy Spring. And, so sad that it did not turn out to be a very happy birthday for one in Chester. Peace to all. Pamela Bunting Lewis
    April 12, 2011 Tuesday. Noon.

  4. remucho says:

    whoever wrote that “improvement B.S. ) should be banned from any reporting. all the above comments are real and factual….the media is a goverment spinning machine!

  5. Mike Hunt says:

    Look out Detroit,we’re right behind you. Come to my neighborhood and ask the residents who have been there 30 years or more and they will tell you exactly the opposite. Philly is a city of deadbeats and criminals ( 100,000 delinquent electric customers, and 1 in 4 has a criminal record.)

    1. haha says:

      yea try 2 of 4 people.. but the black people make that up

  6. Troy says:

    Filthy streets. Children with no respect having children with no respect. Immigrants milking the welfare system. Right direction for whom. This city is going to the dogs.

  7. Greg says:

    What a bunch of BS the city has not improved at all. One has to look no further than the daily on slot of news about the corruption and police issues not to mention the city is still in a tax hole and can’t get out. As for jobs what major employer has opened up shop in the city?

  8. Mayor NUT says:

    whats this I was not censored? What happened?

  9. Mayor NUT says:

    most toxic city f rated air, worse water in country, most depressed, almost most asthma, …one of the most violent school systems… violence where more killed nightly then wars abroad… IGNORED!

  10. Steve Montemuro says:

    What a crock of bull____!!! ASk the people if they feel the city is getting better…Less cops, less firehouses, less business more taxes. They say the popuation is rising, what they ain’t saying is the rise is more HAVE NOTS coming into the city

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