14 Suspects Identified In Philadelphia Dog Fighting Raid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Pennsylvania SPCA worked overtime Monday morning, raiding homes across the city to break up what officials called the largest dog fighting ring they’ve ever seen in this city. In all, fourteen males (listed below) were arrested and charged with Criminal Conspiracy and Cruelty to Animals.

Officials say the dogfighting ring had been under surveillance for a while. And late Sunday night, early Monday morning, the Pennsylvania SPCA with Philadelphia police acting on a tip that fights were happening, raided a home on the 2600 block of Gerritt Street.

Pennsylvania SPCA director of law enforcement, George Bengal says when they entered the house, there were around 25 people watching a fight in progress.

“They actually ran, and left the dogs in the ring fighting, unattended when we entered the property.”

Those two dogs that were fighting, Bengal says are in pretty bad shape.  In all six dogs were taken from that house. The 14 men who were arrested are:

Vincent Floyd 22 year old male from the 3000 block of Mifflin Street
Theodore Gaines 23 year old male from the 5900 block of Christian Street
Rashawn Coleman 30 year old male from the 2200 block of Sergeant Street
Paul Greenidge 38 year old male from the 1400 block of Napfle Street
Paul Escobosa 19 year old male from the 700 block of North Hilton Street
Marcquel Johnson 27 year old male from the 900 block of South 59th Street
Juan Rosa 24 year old male from the 3000 block of North Potter Street
Jonathan Galarza 26 year old male from the 4000 block of North Reese Street
Jerome Davis 41 year old male from the 3600 block of Potter Street
Jeffrey Harris 32 year old male from the 1100 block of East Rittenhouse Street
Henry Beard 42 year old male from the 3200 block of Magee Street
Edward Gonzalez 28 year old male from the 700 block of East Clearfield Street
Donte Jones 19 year old male from the 3000 block of Marlow Street
Daniel Parmegiani 33 year old male from the 1500 block of South Newkirk Street

Gallery: 14 Arrested In Dog Fighting Raids

dog fighting suspects 14 Suspects Identified In Philadelphia Dog Fighting Raid

(click the picture to see the suspects)

At about 7 a.m. Monday, officials raided another home — this one in Kensington — where Bengal says they found 12 dogs stacked in cages in the basement alongside a collection of drugs, weapons, and dog fighting paraphernalia.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio; Nicole Brewer, CBSPhilly.com

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  1. buckeyejim says:

    Stop the press ,, Att.Gen eric holder has dropped all charger against “his people”……..football star vick questions why people are making such a fuss…… Pres barry obumer tells public not to act stuidly…..more on the 6 o’clock news

  2. Theirworst Nightmare says:

    Urban culture at its highest

  3. leslie says:

    Just take these people and drop them in the middle of the ocean and let the sharks eat them. What a disgusting bunch. People the engage in this kind of cruelity and call it fun make me puke.

  4. dog lover says:

    They should turn the dogs loose on these people. maybe these criminals would learn their lesson if they were mauled by the dogs they trained to kill each other,

  5. Sandalwood says:

    The penalty for dog fighting should be death. Not to the dogs but to the “humans” who force these dogs to fight. This is not sport, it is animal abuse.

  6. Dee says:

    Talk about despicable human beings who choose to abuse those tender loving animals that have emotions just as we do pain, loyalty, joy, sadness, etc
    May God bless those animals that are being abused tortured treated cruelly.. may they find peace … May those that choose to treat our animal friends realize compassion kindness and loyalty.

    Michael Vick I suggest that you be part of helping to break dog fighting rings.. you are a “pro” at being abusive to animals and have been involved with this… you know more about how to help than anyone

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