NJ’s Andrews Says A Gov’t Shutdown Would Harm Economic Recovery

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) – A US congressman from South Jersey says a government shutdown, if it happens this weekend (see related story), would be a setback for the country’s fragile economic recovery.

“Employers added 250,000 private sector jobs last month across the country,” said Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) today in a conference call with reporters.  “The uncertainty and disruption that would be caused by a government shutdown would jeopardize that recovery at exactly the wrong time.”

VIEW: What Would Be Open/Closed in Philadelphia (.pdf document)

Andrews says it’s not just government workers who would be affected by a shutdown.

“It’s bad enough that they’re not going to work, but what compounds that problem is that private sector companies and families who rely upon that activity are going to be brought to a halt as well,” he said.

Andrews says President Obama has gone three-quarters of the way to meeting Republican demands, agreeing to $75 billion in budget cuts.  Andrews says the disagreement on the budget now revolves around social policy issues, mainly funding for Planned Parenthood, which he says should not even be part of the budget process (another related story).

“The right thing to do would be to settle on the budget, get that done, and then agree that the vote on Planned Parenthood should come another day, on another bill,” Andrews said. “And one side will win and the other will lose, and we will go forward.”

Andrews says he’s pessimistic that Congress will be able to avoid a shutdown.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060

AP Interactive:  Impact of a Government Shutdown

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  1. curtis e. mcrae says:

    CURTIS E.MCRAE,again. people who talk against gonernment,have no ideal.???
    what they even be saying.put them in there, and they will make a mega mess.ok
    you will fine them in the book of (isaiah-5:13-14).you have the knowledge., sir”s
    run the world the best way that you see fit.thanks for listen.curtis e. mcrae.,

  2. curtis e. mcrae says:

    hello:congrassman-robert e. andrews,first of all you are doing a great job sir.ok
    and the president:barak obama.a great,great great.job.ok but tell him too leaved
    israel.alone.big mistake.gods, chosen people.they dont want the land.they just
    want israel (dead).solve the problems,they will only fine other one.trust me ok.if you mess with israel.God will mess with us.you need too talk.too me right away
    remember, that i told you,about the tornado,in philadelphia. did i lie.? now india…
    the man said that,the world was going to end,on may-21-2011.,yes he lied.big..?
    they want me to go in a shealter,never been in sheater,before.keep the gove.,?
    the way that you think that it should be., i am with you,amengreat great job,ok ok.
    curtis e. mcrae>520 collings avenue apartment-b 808 collingswood nj,08678 ok.,
    please-respond by letter.not buy email.i did go to houseing and walfare.thanks.
    but please i dont want to go,in a shealter.no way,please,please, help,help,help.

  3. bottomline says:

    A government shut down would be a blessing in disguise for the American people. America need a government to serve the needs of the Americans, not this crop of losers – get them all out of office while we still have a county.

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