City Council Gives Thumbs-Up For Philadelphia Top Cop’s Salary Hike

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council, which controls the purse strings of the city’s government, apparently has no problem with the $60,000 salary hike given to police commissioner Charles Ramsey to keep him from fleeing to Chicago.

Mayor Nutter is giving Ramsey a salary boost from $195,000 a year to $255,000 (see related story).

After two years of tight Philadelphia budgets in which non-unionized workers faced furlough days, Mayor Nutter defends the decision as commensurate with other major city police chiefs.  Councilmembers seem to agree.

“If it means that we are going to be safer in the city, money is not an issue,” said Council president Anna Verna this morning.

“Police commissioner is one of the more important jobs in the city besides the mayor.  And he’s a fabulous person and a great commissioner and he’s worth every penny,” said councilman-at-large Jim Kenney.

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell agrees:

“He’s a good commissioner, and as they say, a man is worthy of his hire.   So I have no problem with it.”

“I believe that the Philadelphia salary, even with the increase, does not match the salary that he could have made in Chicago,” said at-large councilman Frank Rizzo Jr., “so I’m please that Commissioner Ramsey is staying.”

The Republican leader on Council, 10th District councilman Brian O’Neill, also is fine with the pay hike.

“Commissioner Ramsey is somebody special,” O’Neill told KYW Newsradio this morning.  “He’s as valuable to this police department as Cliff Lee is to the Phillies.”

Had he gone to Chicago, Ramsey would have likely earned more than $300,000 a year.  Ramsey will testify  before Council on his department’s budget next Monday.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn.

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One Comment

  1. Linda D Bryant says:

    The City of Philadelphia supposedly has no $$$$—(for funding the public
    schools, providing better city services, summer job programs, etc.,) yet it dug
    up $60,000. to entice RAMSEY to remain here!!!!!

    It would have been much cheaper to have let him go back to Chi-town!!!!!

  2. Slick says:

    How funny that the Mayor came up with money to pay the Police Ramsey to stay in Philly yet there is a budget crises that falls on the taxpayers of Philly…..who voted that nut (Mayor Nutter) into office?

  3. jack markowitz says:

    Not one penny for city workers who are now three years into not having a contract because the City will not bargain in good faith. Top Cop nabs a $60,000 grand a year pay raise, including health benefits, pension and of course, the mega bonanza at the end of the rainbow, the DROP pot of gold worth to him at least $500,000 large. Hey, no one is irreplaceable as the mayor keeps telling city workers who can barely survive on shrinking city paychecks, increasing city real estate taxes, the loss of step increase pay raises and the loss of longevity pay. Hypocrites, know who you are – Gangster, thug politicians in bed with the mega corporations who are robbing the taxpayers of this city blind.

  4. Tim says:

    This makes perfect sense.

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