President Obama Visits Langhorne Factory

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) – President Barack Obama was in the Philadelphia area today, talking up his administration’s plans for reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil during a stop this afternoon at a wind turbine plant in Bucks County.

gamesa President Obama Visits Langhorne Factory

Gamesa, manufacturer of wind turbines, has a factory in Langhorne, Pa. (Photo provided by Gamesa)

The president says he wants to cut energy imports by a third and double the amount of electricity we get from clean energy sources — sources like wind power.

He spoke to mostly employees at Gamesa, an overseas company that manufacturers wind turbines in Pennsylvania.

“I think that what you do here is glimpse of the future, and it’s a future where America is less dependent on foreign oil, more relied on clean energy produced by workers like you,” he told the crowd.

Listen to President Obama’s Speech

If we can meet those goals, the president said, our economy will be less vulnerable to swings in oil prices and it will be less stressful for families trying to make ends meet when they fill up at the pump.

This is his second trip to Gamesa. He toured the plant as a candidate in 2008.

Todd Quinones Reports …

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Linda D Bryant says:


  2. Bob-New Jersey says:

    I am a small builder in New jersey, when Obama took office I had 15 employees, now over 2-years later I have only 6-employees, my health care bill rose 35% this year alone because of his health care mandates. The sooner he’s voted out the better, I need consumer confidence back for my clients.

    1. Dave says:

      Maybe you should do a better job marketing and selling your services. Don’t look for a scapegoat….come on BOB!

  3. Barb Forristall says:

    All the above comments are so negative! We need to be more grateful that we have a President who is interested in researching alternative energy sources. He is progressive and is smart enough that we need to create more jobs in industries that will improve the environment. It is a global world it is great that Spain has branches of their compnay in our area…Jobs for us! How many American companies have based their companies in other countries taking jobs away from Americans. We need to unite as a country and get back to seeking out new industry so every American has work in professions that will improve our water, air , organic farming and alternative energy sources! Look to the future and stop complaining please. If you want a better world it starts with you and you only.

    1. Chris says:

      How about a president that sticks to the promises he made to get himself into office? Like pulling out of Iraq. Did he create jobs? no. The gov’t will probably shut down this weekend. Do you understand why or what that even means? The country is in worse shape than it has ever been. ANd here we go starting another war we can’t afford in Libya. Obama supporters are uneducated and unrealistic. Its sad that you can be so easily brainwashed. But hey, its always someone else’s fault, right? You obama nuts are brain dead. Change you say…

      1. Dave says:

        Chris? Please come out from your bomb shelter and read the news. We did not start a WAR in Libya, jobs are on the uptick, the government will shut down…but only for the weekend, and we are pulling out of Iraq. You’re obviously someone who doesn’t actually want to see things get better….you would rather have your side win (I take it you are a right-wing Republican) than see any real improvements in this country. Come on Chris….didn’t your Mom always say to look at the glass being half full? Smile man!

  4. Cheesesteak_Joey says:

    campaigning for your vote. Why isn’t he working on the budget? Because he has to leave it to advisors. Why? because he has no business background.

  5. John Smith says:

    Get your homes locked an hide the silverwear. The Demothieves are coming

    1. Dave says:

      what rock did you crawl out from under

  6. mst says:

    Is it just me, or does it always seem like this guy is in CAMPAIGN MODE?

  7. Unknown says:

    It makes no sense to me why our President would endorse a company that has mostly foreigners as employees!

    1. JBone says:

      Do you honestly think the President has anything to foreign born workers. The office is in Langhorne, PA. It is not like he is flying to Sweeden. When the railroads were built, they were built by Irish immagrants. Get a grip.

      1. Unknown says:

        The workers there are foreign born and foreign citizens. They are here working with temp visa’s. There have been many workers I know that had to go back to Spain because their visa had expired. What did Gamesa do? They flew over another worker with 5 years on their visa(or however many years you get on a visa). They didn’t hire an american to fill the position. Don’t tell me to get a grip when you have no idea what you are talking about….JBone.

    2. fred says:

      Spain owns this company,it could not find money to run it in it’s own country but had no problem getting millions from odumbo.

    3. Lou says:

      I can tell you that over 90% of the almost 1000 employees of Gamesa in the US are Americans. UNKNOWN – you have no clue what you are talking about

  8. john in langhorne says:

    some interesting points to add to Carol’s comments:

    From Gamesa’s website:
    Gamesa is firmly committed to dialogue and collective bargaining with its employees based on respect for their freedom of association, and it promotes the existence of union representation at its plants throughout the world.

    87,5% in the el area de wind turbine area in Europe, Made and the wind farm development and sale divisions;
    all production plants in the US have union representatives;
    China, Gamesa supports and works together with the National Union to establish unions.

    Would Obama be here is this wasn’t a union supportive company?

    Also, I live in langhorne.. It’s great that this company does business here and hire’s US workers..legally ones I hope … but wouldn’t it have made more sense to find a US company to support in another state vs a swing state like PA

    And they all thought Lil Bushy was a joke. How is that change going?

    1. Dave says:

      The US only has a handful of wind energy companies today because our country is for some reason against creating clean energy and indirectly creating jobs from a growing industry. Many people in this country still think it’s a good idea to drill baby drill for the 2% of the world’s oil in our reserves. Maybe if we embraced this new industry we would have more of an American presence within this industry. We have a choice to go backwards, stay still, or move forwards. Growing pains come with emerging industries but they are only temporary. We need to tackle this problem with some guts and start looking like a leader in this world instead of a country that just plays it safe.

  9. Carol Chapman says:

    Gamesa is a Spanish Company. We saw the turbines a few weeks ago in Southern Spain. Most not running, not connected to the grid. Government can’t afford to subsidize any more so they’ll export this disaster here.

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