2 Arrested In Alleged Abuse At Delaware County Facility

HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Two employees at a Delaware County assisted living facility have been arrested after investigators say they were caught on tape allegedly abusing an elderly patient.

Delaware County District Attorney Michael Green says 22-year-old Samirah Traynham and 21-year-old Tyrina Griffin physically or verbally abused the 78-year-old patient at the Quadrangle Assisted Living Facility in Haverford Township.

Investigators say their case was bolstered by the family of the Alzheimer’s patient, who became suspicious and placed a hidden camera, disguised as a clock, inside the alleged victim’s room after the woman’s family reported the allegations to the facility.

Management at Sunrise for Senior Living initially said the allegations were unfounded and attributed the woman’s gripes to dementia.

Green says the images capture mistreatment of the patient.

“Review of video obtained from this camera shows the defendant on one day strike the victim in the face and head and violently shove the victim’s body into her bed,” Green said.

Traynnham is charged with aggravated assault, neglect of a care-dependent person, and related offenses.

A third employee is expected to surrender to police on Thursday. Green says the investigation is ongoing.

Valerie Levesque reports…

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Shante says:

    God Bless the victim, I hope she get the comfort she deserves! I am a young cna and I would Never!

  2. phyllo says:

    It’s jus’ bee in in dere culahure n’ sheeeit!

  3. Mar Harris says:

    Do you know someone abused in a nursing home….let me know if you CARE to SHARE…..we need to inform the politicians, administrators, State and media what is going on and that we KNOW that no one is doing anything about it. A nursing home killed my mother and blamed it all on her dementia. Let me know the name of the nursing home that abused or neglected your loved one or someone you know@trygod51@comcast.net….I will be submitting the poll results and a follow up to you and the media!

  4. Mar Harris says:

    I have been wanting to take a city wide poll on these abusive nursing homes in Philly. My mother was in one in the east oak lane section and I know of several family members that took their love ones out of there. If there is someone out there reading my comment and you have a loved one that has been abused or neglected; please email me. I heard a couple nurses saying that “the doctor believe what we tell them” if I don’t feel like feeding of cleaning S _ _t off of them or they get on my nerves, I’ll tell the doctor that they tried to attack me and was acting violent and he’ll give them something to go to sleep. They lost my moms dentures 2 times; they wanted to give her medicine for HIV patients to help her eat; because she had dementia; they blame everything she could’nt do on her having dementia; she would eat if they took time to feed her. I constantly reported the neglect and abuse to management and they covered it up. A representative from the State office told me that it was a lady at this nursing home that called them constantly saying that they would not let her out of there because they gave “bad reports” on her so no other nursing home would take her. I do have her name in my file. It’s something seriously wrong with the staff at this home. I would like to hear from the folks out there that “really care and want to bring these horrible people down” I will share the results with you when the emails start coming in and with the media as well. It’s the only way because they have a subtle way of keeping it “undercovers”. I am ready to pull them off…smile! Help me if you can. Who are they?

  5. SIMAR says:

    I know that these nursing homes etc. abuse the elderly. I was forced to put my mother in one and now looking for a good lawyer to sue them. I have so many complaints against them; even filed with the State several times and I believe that State is working with them sometimes. They really don’t care but God knows. My mother died because she had a mass that was so large that it covered her wind pipe and grew down into her esophagas and on her spine. I was never informed and the hospital said she had it for several years and the nursing home should have followed up treatment on her thyroid. They had disinfect sitting on my mothers dresser and no one knew how it got there; I came to visit and inform adminstrators that my mom could have drank it; they took her out to vote for pres. Bush without my knowledge without a coat on. Several of the residents that were quite independent and voiced their opinions to the staff “died suddenly” and were not critically ill. They were not feeding my mother and she had to get a feeding tube insertedd; she lost over 75 lbs. What do you do when you are sick yourself and cant take care of your loved ones when they get old? I have 7 siblings and no one of them wanted to take care of my mom. I miss my mother so much. She just pased in Jan 2011. They killed my mother! She went in the hospital on Sat and died on Weds….so quick with a condition that she had since 2009 and it went untreated. They lied and said that she just needed medicine for her thyroid; which she was taking. I have overactive thyroid but my doctor is constantly sending me for test. Keep your loved ones home with you because no one is going to love and care for them the way you do!

  6. ed says:

    ed i ride the high speed line out of 69th street and hear these workers talk about their patients like dogs ! all they care about is watching the soaps and chatting on their cell phones . always complaining about being interrupted by mrs. so and so . i have also heard them say they throw the meals away because they don’t have the patience to feed them , especially if their shows are on. please keep your parents home as long as you can . this is not an isolated incidence !!!

    1. Yerdon LP says:

      Did you try to find out where they worked? If so, did you call the facility to report what you heard? Did you ask yourself why these young, selfish, and undertrained workers had these positions? I would love to read your reply.

      1. ed says:

        yerdon lp , no i did’t . i know they get off the train at the haverford and bryn mawr stations. i know why. they are poor, uneducated , urban, ethnic girls who took a quick 6 week course in order to get a job and eke out a living on minimum wage. sad really. you can’t be taught love , you have to feel it. perhaps if cameras were put in all the rooms and halls , work stations etc… it would be a deterrent , if the workers thought they were being monitored . i also think there is a certain amount of resentment by the workers because the clients are wealthy and white .

  7. allegations were unfounded( Management) says:

    Fire them all including the out of touch CEO,shut the place down.Let the victims family take a baseball bat to these animals 22-year-old Samirah Traynham and 21-year-old Tyrina Griffin for physically and verbally abusing the 78-year-old patient.They should never be allowed to work with the elderly again what a disgrace.Throw them under the jail.

    1. Yerdon LP says:

      Why do you call these people animals? They still deserve respect. THEY MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE! THEY MISTREATED ANOTHER PERSON. As I asked in my prior post, what training have these workers received to help prevent these things from happening? By the way- what have you done for someone lately? You may be part of a system or group that devalues others? Are you the best person you can be?

      1. sammy says:

        The people that abused these residents deserve respect? They are there to take care of these residents!….THE RESIDENTS ARE THE ONES THAT DESERVE THE RESPECT…..maybe it is a training issue…maybe these staff members dont know how to handle someone with dementia…well, if that is the case, then get them the training that they need….dementia people can be very difficult to handle…I am not making excuses for what they did to these residents…staff at any facility should never abuse a resident….but you also have to look at the administration staff at the facility….if they were told by the family that they suspected abuse and nothing was done about it, that is a big problem for everyone involved…also, you mentioned that this was a “mistake”….this is not a mistakei….this is where employees mistreated and abused a resident who was defenseless….

  8. Yerdon LP says:

    Reply to ‘itz’ and ‘Robert M’: ‘Robert M’ stoops to calling names. Don’t do that. The treatment of the residents depicted here is totally wrong. Keep in mind that the people staffing these facilities don’t have the training to ‘handle every patient’. I have family members dealing with dementia. Its not easy getting them to bath, change clothes, etc. How would you fare, ‘Robert M’? ‘itz’ hits the nail dead center. The ‘business’ of elder care has a lot of young workers who don’t have the patience and experience to deal with ‘special needs’ residents. I would like to hear from some workers who MAY have instructed to complete care tasks ‘by any means necessary’. There has to be an overarching culture of accountability and coaching to eradicate behavior like this. For example, do the managers ever gauge the skills/ ability of the workers to make sure they can handle the residents? What skills, training, or mandates are there to insure top notch care? I would like to know.

  9. Guess Who says:

    If you have elderly parents, never,never, never let these creatures anywhere near them. They will steal from them and abuse them.

    1. sammy says:

      Please dont put all health care workers in the same category as these 3 staff members….not all workers who work at these facilties are “creatures” or will steal and abuse residents….ask me, I know….I am one of the good ones….I have been in this field for 10 plus years and have never abused or neglected any resident….and never would….

  10. Ann says:

    As for the comment by WHO?, we ARE talking about multiple workers at that facility. 2 were arrested and charged with felonies. Apparently a 3rd employee may be arrested today. So sad…

  11. Senior Living Worker says:

    Unfortunately, these “senior living facilities” are licensed under the Department of Welfare not the Department of Health. They are viewed as “home like settings” offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Dementia Care. They are not a nursing home where the federal/state regulations are quite strict. The caregivers at these facilities don’t need to be trained to the standards of a nursing home, in fact there doesn’t need to be an RN or LPN on site 24/7–only “available” so the caregivers are basically on their own in the evenings.

    1. Sammy says:

      Huh? ….So it’s ok for this resident to be abused since this is an AL and not an nursing home and the rules are different? There is something in the rules called RESIDENT RIGHTS and it appears that this residents rights were Violated!.
      In all facilities, the resident has the right to be treated with care and respect….even if the resident has dementia….All of the caregivers need to be trained on how to handle residents of ALL KINDS…..no matter their condition or diagnosis….if the staff member cannot or does not want to work with residents who have dementia, they need to find another job….for you to think the way you do, I would sure hate to have my loved one living at the facility where you work….you also mentioned that the rules are more stringent for nursing homes than for AL…this is true but there are still rules and regulations for AL facilities concerning resident abuse…rules that it appears that these staff members did not folllow…I have worked in this field for over 10 years and have always treated EVERY resident that I have dealt with over the years ( and I have worked in skilled, AL and IL) with the care, love and respect that they DESERVE!!…..It’s sad that this happened….

      1. Yerdon LP says:

        Sammy, I don’t read Senior Living Worker saying that anything is an excuse for what happened. I read an insight to the conditions, standards, and practices which the MGMT has allowed. I wonder if these conditions help to prevent or actually promote an environment where workers think that this behavior is an option. As a health care pro, do you see very difficult patients? I have family members with dementia. I cannot get them to submit to regular bathing. Just imagine a young, undertrained, immature worker trying to get someone who may not totally trust them to do whats needed. Are the meds working? Does the patient have other issues. I’M NOT MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEM. I’M SAYING THAT MGMT NEEDS TO HELP THEM TO HELP THE RESIDENTS BETTER.

  12. Robert M says:

    violent, disgusting beasts
    They shouldn’t be anywhere humans of any age.

    1. Who? says:

      Robert, don’t you mean:
      “violent, disgusting beast
      SHE shouldn’t be anywhere near humans of any age.”?

      I’m sure you mean ‘beast’ rather than ‘beasts.’ And ‘she’ rather than ‘they,’ as we are talking about one employee at the care facility and not multiple ones. If you have information about other perpetrators, please go to the police. It would be irresponsible of you not to do so. Thank you.

      1. Robert M says:

        Actually I have gone to the police for elder abuse in a local “care facility” because it happened in my family as well. And not surprisingly, nothing was done about it because rules apparently don’t apply to THEM.

        and YES . . . I said THEM and I mean THEM.

  13. vanessathomas says:

    she should never be able to work again.

  14. itz says:

    Assisted living facility, $7000 a month and more
    Minimium wage care takers, priceless.

  15. MARY says:


    1. Ann says:

      Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is not an isolated incident there. So sad that these young people could be so cruel.

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