Stigall Show Log 4.5.11

5:41 Former Congressman John Adler has died at 51.

6:11 President Obama’s decision to continue with the 9/11 Tribunals is being viewed through various spectrums. Investors Business Daily, Will Bunch in the Philadelphia Daily News

6:58 Thieves broke in to Kyle Kendrick’s Seattle home and stole his 2008 World Series Ring.

world series ring Stigall Show Log 4.5.11

7:12 Congressman Paul Ryan will present the House Republican Budget that would cut $6 trillion.

7:21 McDonalds is going to try to hire 50,000 employees in one day.

7:43 Pt. Royal Avenue in Roxborough is being detoured for toad mating season.

toad1 Stigall Show Log 4.5.11

8:12 Chris talks to former Senator Rick Santorum about the possibility of running for President.

8:41 Chris discusses with Lisa Levinson her campaign that detours a road in Roxborough to save toads during mating season.

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