Mayor Nutter Declares ‘Cleanup’ A Success

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter has declared the Fourth Annual Spring Cleanup on Saturday a huge success. He broke down the numbers on how many people took part and how much trash was collected.

More than 12,000 volunteers removed more than 1,240,000 lbs. of trash from city streets last weekend. It was all part of the “Keep Up the Sweep Up” campaign.

Mayor Nutter said nearly 150,000 pounds of material was recycled. He said when he took office, less than 6% of city residents recycled, “Since that time, we’ve embarked on our ‘thrown it all in the bin’ campaign. It’s now items 1-through-7, it’s weekly, you can use any container you want and it’s at the curbside, and the rate now is upwards of 19%. We still have a ways to go to reach our goals, but that’s a tripling in three years.”

Volunteers took on 252 projects last weekend, the most ever registered for a cleanup effort in the city.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Observant One says:

    Now the censorship is taking place because people of this nation can not stand to hear the truth.

  2. CP says:

    The clean-up day was a success. I was one of the volunteers along with two of my sons helping to clean a playground in NE Philly. While I agree that more enforcement needs to take place for people who litter and who do not take care of their property, I think that having more than 12,000 people giving up their Saturday to help clean up parts of the city is pretty amazing.

  3. Philip says:

    Wow – you can just feel the love in the comments. Thanks to everyone that helped. Shame on the corrupt politicos, unions, bankers, covert/defense lunnies, freeloaders and polluters that are trashing the world for the rest of us.

  4. John says:

    So much more could be being done to help the city. If i had known about this I wouldve attended.I am happy for those who did come out. Since the city is growing, we need some people to work in certain sectors to promote a clean city. They should involve the youth since they are the future. I appreciate all who attended. We you!

  5. Francis says:

    The worst trash is the crooks in city hall, and the unions that bankroll them.

    1. Morris says:

      I CONCUR !!!

  6. Former resident who still loves and contributes to the city says:

    *As a result…sorry…

  7. Former resident who still loves and contributes to the city says:

    My wife and I just moved from South Philly to the burbs. Ss a result, I now rely on the regional line to get to work (I still work in the city and a portion of my pay still goes to the city-city wage tax). During my commute, I notice all of the trash alongside and around the tracks. It is a total disgrace. Have an idea though…how about putting our convicted criminals to work??? No volunteers needed (although I am grateful for their energy and time). Just make it a stipulation in one’s prison or probation/parole sentence. Thoughts?

    1. Morris Cornuto says:

      I CONCUR !!!!!!!!! Put them to work and pay back their debt to society !!!

      1. Observant One says:

        What about reparations owed to many of those inmates. Most of them are committing economic crimes because of historical injustices in this nation.

      2. Morris Cornuto says:

        Hey, observant one, how long are you going to hang your hat on the ancient history. NEVER LET THE PAST POISON THE PRESENT. Hand outs is all you’re looking for. Go and get it and stop waiting for a hand out. Education and hands on training is proven success. Stop whining and start winning.

  8. DB says:

    I don’t see where they cleaned that much up in the city. It must of been only in North or West Philly. I work around the 5th and Berks area. There is a very large lot full of trash, rocks, weeds and no one is doing anything about that lot. The city could at least come in bulldoze the partial wall that is still there, Flatten the land and put fencing up. It will also keep our people men in particular who like to urinate in there. No laws at all are enforced in this city. When a cop sees someone throwing their garbage on the ground they should be given a ticket. They should also start really putting their foot down and fine the people who live in houses and never mow their lawn or clean up the trash that their lawns are covered with. A lot has to be done everyday. Not just a few times a year. This city would save money if they started fining people.

  9. Observant One says:

    Their appears to be a double standard when it comes to keeping the streets of Philadelphia clean. When one travels downtown in Philadelphia their is an army of city employess dressed in teal green uniforms sometimes 3 to 4 on one block picking up trash from the sidewalks. The trash is usually bags, wrappings, soda cups, bottles and cans, food, candle wrappings newspapers etcetera. In the other neighborhoods of this city where you will find the same type of trash their is no army of city workers picking it up.
    The law enforcement disparities are even worse. Police officers are evrywhere downtown yet in the high crime rate areas where their should be a constant presence of police their in not.

  10. sam says:

    I was just in the city and its full of trash. Just take a trip down the R2 train line and i can show you hundreds of burned out cars and tons of trash. How can the Mayor say the city cleanup was a success. Get real, the area outside of downtown is a pig pen loaded with people who don’t care about the area they live in or what other people do. Maybe the Mayor needs to take a walk down broad street between temple and downtown. there is trash everywhere and if you go two blocks west you will be mugged or shot.

    1. Observant One says:

      Sam I moved here in 2002 and I do care about my property and the block I live on. If the politicians did not have pressure put on them by business downtown Philadelphia would look the same as the areas you described. It is a negative mindset throughout this city white and Black. I have seen whites ride thru the Black communities and roll down their windows to throw trash onto the streets. I wonder if they would do the samr thing in their neighborhood. I doubt and would probably report the person doing that if it was an extra large amount of trash being discarded in their neighborhood. Stop the double standards, change the mentality of all the people of this city and the problem is solved.

  11. Greg says:

    With 50% of the city living on some kind of assistance you would think that the city would be very clean since they are home and not working. But, it takes work to clean up your yard or street. What would happen if the people that collect the free money from the state and city were forced to collect a bag of trash each week before they collect the free money. The city would be spotless and guess what, they would stop tossing losing lotto tickets on the sidewalk because they would just be back picking t hem up to get the check. Make these free loaders do some work for their money. The rest of us show up each day to a job and then lose half of our pay to support the low life dead beats.

    1. a-non-a must says:

      actually, most the money goes to hidden military ventures and public military ventures, coined “defense spending”…lets not pretend that the money issue in this country is due to the straps that are given to the poor. Lets be realistic here. Being the Police of the world is expensive. Being manipulative on a worldly scale is expensive. And covering up your tracks cost a pretty or ugly penny as well. Lets not drink the kool-aid…the orange juice is sitting there too.

    2. Observant One says:

      Yes I am one of those people on government assistance from injuries received while fighting the Viet Nam war that prevent me from being work even I have tried to over the last 41 years. So I believe you are part of the problem with your stereotyping of people you know nothing about.
      Their are business corporations in in this city and others across this nation who pay no taxes yet they are making billions of dollars each years or sometimes each quarter.
      The people of Jewish descent are the richest group or race of people in this nation and could easily support the nation of Israel yet billions of taxpayers dollars are given to Israel each year.

      1. A-Train says:

        Taxes on businesses in the city are some of the highest in the entire country. Not to mention the wage tax on everyone who works in the city, which is also one of the highest. Those are facts, look it up. You, “Observant One”, have no clue what you’re talking about. I don’t know where you observe your information from, but based on your racism I have a feeling you need to change the channel from FoxNews. As for your inability to work for 41 years, you seem to be able to type. Become a secretary. Or a court reporter. Or a writer. Quit making excuses and living off the backs of hardworking people like me.

  12. Dalina says:

    Any volunteers will not make the city clean. It is “cosmetic” cleaning.
    We need to teach. to force many people to take care prpperely abou own trash.
    It begins from family, kinder garden, school , college. Those who believe that they can litter where they are has to be forced to obey the litterin law.

    Littering just shows a low culture of the person, desrespect to themselfs , others and the country that they live.

    Thank you for attention!

    With respect to all and a big wish to take care agout own trash all the times

  13. Margaret says:

    I love the City, and do my part every day picking up the trash that people just drop as they walk. What upset me about Saturday’s clean-up is the people who actually did the cleaning are NOT the people using the basketball courts, etc. Where were they? No doubt dropping trash on another block.

  14. John says:

    Great to see people getting involved. We keep our block clean year round, and with the hosebags around here as of late, it is a lot of work… However, those that talk about helping those less fortunate than yourselves. Get a grip. Just because you are poor does not mean you have to be a filthy pig. What many do not realize is that many of these areas are trashed on purpose to keep the rent from going up as well as property taxes and that is a fact. Some seriously reprobate logic at best

  15. Catherine C says:

    So many parts of Philadelphia are ALWAYS FILTHY-trash everywhere,entire neighborhoods in such decay that it looks like something out of a third world country. It destroys neighborhoods, decreases property value-the city should enforce ordinances that will keep Philadelphia CLEAN and at least DECENT looking all the time. In the same way that you can get a parking ticket or “the boot” in an instant- they should be writing citations for trash filled lots, littering, unkept property etc. It happens in other cities-it should happen here. It would keep the whole city looking like human being-not filthy animals live here. It would be great for property values, bring much needed revenue into the city and hold people responsible for the mess they create.

  16. A-Train says:

    You sound like somebody who helps nobody but themself. How’s that working out for you? My guess is you’re bitter, alone, and complaining to the wall sitting in the dark … I participated on Saturday and had a great time, along with thousands of other people. Didn’t do it out of guilt, I did it out of a sense of community and a desire to live in a city that is clean and has pride in itself. I also made some new friends and met some neighbors I didn’t know. Rather than sitting on my butt on a Saturday complaining that the government doesn’t do enough for me in some internet rant, I went out and did something to help out.

    1. Observant One says:

      A-Trai it made you feel real good to get out there on Saturday to remove some of the guilt you feel do to disparities you see in alllocation of city trash services. The rest of the year you can proudly stick your chest and boast how you singlehandedly cleaned up Philadelphia for one day.

      1. A-Train says:

        Dude you’re a moron. I just said that I do NOT have guilt and did what I did for the other reasons that were listed. For someone who calls himself the “Observant One” you’re pretty blind. And you make a lot of assumptions about somebody you don’t even know. Maybe you should stick to your racist and anti-Semitic rants, you seem to have that down pat. Try saying that garbage out loud, and then you can “observe” while somebody kicks your a$$.

  17. Taxpayer550 says:

    Let’s all join hands and sing “We are the world”, while the other half of the city’s population works just as hard to trash it back up. If the city officials were doing their jobs, they would be arresting the guilty parties who leave all of this trash to clean up. But then again, these good folks who cleaned up wouldn’t have anything to feel good about. Oh well, here’s to liberal guilt.

    1. Like it or Leave it says:

      If you don’t like were you live…..move!

    2. Benjy says:

      First off, as a homeowner in the city I pay taxes too. Based on your attitude I’d guess you were a suburbanite. Secondly, I volunteered on Saturday and it FELT GREAT. Funny that this bothers you. Who are you to tell anybody what they should do to make them happy? It feels awesome to help out in a city I love, and to help the less fortunate. Hahahaha, so you can cram it with walnuts loser.

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