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Rendell Not Quick To Criticize Corbett

HARRISBURG (CBS) – Former Governor Ed Rendell, for now at least, is taking the high road when it comes to criticism from his successor.

Governor Corbett has not been shy about blaming his predecessor for the state’s fiscal condition.

“Everybody said, ‘Well, it had to be shovel-ready.’ I’m not quite sure how money into education is shovel-ready money,” Corbett said at a news conference last week, questioning Rendell’s use of federal stimulus money for education.

However, during his first conference call with state capitol reporters since leaving office, Rendell deflected questions about Corbett’s criticisms.

“You’re not going to get me into a dispute between myself and Governor Corbett. I have respect for him because he is doing exactly what he said to the voters during the campaign he would do,” Rendell said.

Rendell spoke with reporters to tout figures showing Pennsylvania in the top ten among states with regard to the number of jobs created and the rate of job growth from February 2010 to February of this year.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. hardy-har-har says:

    Seems like Thelma is the product of some decent education funding. Frank Graff? Not so much. You might want to ask Corbett for some funds so you can go back to school and learn how to from words and sentences, buddy.

  2. Thelma says:

    I am grateful for Governor Rendell’s efforts to adequately fund public education. I am saddened by the current budget’s cuts that show liitle concern for the students in our state.

    1. Kenema says:

      Thelma, money isn’t the problem with education. We pay $5000 more per pupil and gone from 1st in the world to 20th in 35 years. Give the parents vouchers and choices of where they want their kids to go to school instead of listening to some leftist hach teacher explaining things that have no place in classrooms. As it is now, after 5 days of YOUR indoctrination, I have to spend my weekends flushing out the garbage you try to put in my kids head. Get rid of the unions and our our teachers would have no choice but to be better. After all, we all heard the lead lawyer of your union telling everyone during his retirement speech that it’s not about kids, it’s about power.

  3. Albert R. Kasey says:

    If Fast Eddie were smart he would quietly fade into the background and offer no comments at all. He was simply the worst politician PA has ever had next to John Street. How he kept getting re-elected is beyond me and shows the true IQ of the voters in Philly and Harrisburg. Farmers and thugs, terrible combination.

  4. Frank Graff says:

    Yeah, you really don’t like disputes Eddie. Your just not a bridge burner with Governors. Maybe if your silent enough, he won’t come after you.

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